Official Summary

“In a world that people share with magical beasts called the alivoth-(proper culture sub name) people have trusted them for as long as anyone can remember, but ancient spirits from another
world are once again on the move in our world. This time with a more sinister plan in mind. Can anyone stop them, or are we doomed to lose what we fought so hard for?”

I don’t know. Are we?

I’m pretty sure I can stop them.

It depends, really. Do we have the big-ass bombs we have in this day and age?

I shall burn them with my laser eyes.

Is this a book or a game or what?

a book or a bunch of short stories, basicily the other stuff i wrote in the yippee thread goes to this, don’t worry if you forgot it it’s just been trashed.


0 BC - no writing
100 BC - no writing
200 BC - no writing
300 BC - no writing
400 BC - no writing
500 BC - strange monsters come through portals, seeking to kill all the beasts they can find, they are vulnerable only to magic.
575 BC - the last of the reavers finally fall to the great mages.
600 BC - the magi-empire is formed of the survivors of the war of death.
700 BC - the empire dissolves into in-fighting and petty disagreements.
710 BC - kingdoms form to help those hurt by the fighting mage-lords.
800 BC - the long standing mage-lords surrender to the new monarchs.
815 BC - the city states seek people to tutor those advanced in various arts.
900 BC - The school for the worldly arts lessoning and employment is founded.
980 BC - strange visions of deadly shapes are reported by unreliable witness.
985 BC - reavers are spotted in the northern wastes.
989 BC - generation 1? comes of age.