my brother put this program ( Bearshare) on my computer as my kazaa lite screwed it self.

is it any good and are there any security precautions i need to do with it?

Uhh, if you got the free version, right on the website it says - “AD SUPPORTED” and “for a small upgrade free to bearshare pro, you wont have to deal with popups or banners!”

So, yea, its got spyware.

It does have spyware, but it’s not nearly as annoying as KaZaA, and it doesn’t really slow down your computer all that much. I use that and Soulseek (Bearshare is faster, Soulseek has rarer stuff).

I second the SoulSeek recommendation–not very good for large-scale downloading, but it finds anything and everything you’d want. It’s at <a href=“”></a>.

Or just befriend a person with a server and ~30 gigs of music :smiley: