BBC Christmas ident

Every year the BBC does something special with their Christmas idents. Last year, they had a Wallace and Gromit flavour (for the new animated short, like). This year, well, they are truly made of win. And I don’t use that term lightly.

I don’t really get what that means ident, what?

Cool, Dr. Who. I should send this over to my friends.

I was under the impression that Xmas in Dr.Who was a time of tragedy (what with aliens invading and such) to the point people LEFT London for the holidays.

And Santa probably won’t be very happy a certain Time Lord absconded with his reindeer.

Still, pretty cool. :wink:

No Daleks? Not good enough for me!

I saw these a couple weeks ago. They’re amazing.

So that’s how Santa does it in one night! His sleigh is a Tardis in disguise. Which means that Santa himself is a Time Lord.

It’s all so obvious!