Battlefield: Bad Company 2

(I haven’t touched the single player game at all, just the online part. I’m also on PC.)

Ooookay, after some 10 ranks later, I’ve come to like this game. Sure, needs that standard getting used to period and going “WTF, the Medic class has a Light Machine Gun but no medikit or defibrillator unlocked right off the bat. Must be so he can first MAKE some people that need healing.”, but man, this game is sweet, even if you’re not very good at racking a good kill score. If you squad up with up to three others, you have up to three mobile spawn points and you get double points for anything that aids your squad.

The game comes with 4 classes:

  • Assault (Standard Assault Rifle&Grenade Launcher combo with Ammo resupplying, good against infantry, less so against vehicles.)
  • Engineer (SMG & a variety of RPGs and Bazookas & Mines to ruin vehicle driver’s days. Comes with a repair tool as well.)
  • Medic (LMG & First Aid/Defibrillator. Should stay behind to provide covering fire as it is unaccurate as heck… YOU try firing an LMG from the hip…)
  • Recon (Sniper Rifle, Motion detecting mines/Mortar Launch. Gets different kinds of scopes for automatic spotting or even more intensive zoom. I hate these guys because I can’t see them -_-:wink:

The persistent gameplay with multiple ranks that need XP and with class unlockables keeps you playing your favourite class. With higher ranks, you get weapons that all classes can use (Sidearms, Shotguns and Rifles) and upgrades that affect your character’s behavior (Lighter gear for faster movement, more ammo/nades/explosives, body armor) or enchance class/vehicle abilities (Better first aid packs/Sniper Scope/Targeting system)

And yes. Just about everything constructed can be broken to pieces, making defense a chore and offense more of a defense. There’s a bit more variety to combat surroundings as well: Desert, Jungle, Lagoon, AND FUCK YES WINTER STAGES AT LAST. Lots of vehicles to use as well, ATVs, Vodniks, T-90’s, Jetskis, etc.

The two opposing factions in this game are Americans and Russians. Playing as Russians, all VA will be in Russian, so that might give a slight edge to your opposing team. This can be switched to “localized”, but you’ll hear your own teammates in English as well, so you won’t be able to tell the difference.

There’s the standard Battlefield fare playmode, Conquest where you capture and hold flags to deplete enemy tickets faster. Also introducing Rush (Attackers have 75 tickets per stage to destroy two enemy M-Com stations by setting a charge, destroying them with other explosives or by crushing it under debris)

The VA thing was pretty awesome in Battlefield 2 as well, but next time you want to make a “localize”-option, at least make the MECs speak English with an arab twist and the Russians with a stereotyped DA so you’ll understand them… I mean, who else would mistake “HAIEMPALAK” for “HIT IT!” when driving a Jeep?

If anyone else is out there playing, I’m playing as Mabatsekker, so feel free to add me to your friend list.

You make it sound fun.

Does it have or does it not have coop?

I have no idea about the console version, sorries. You can, however, squad up with friends and create the ultimate deff skwad as you co-ordinate your assault via VOIP.

No Co-op; 360 version is one player per box.