Battlefield 2/2142

So, uh, any players from around here? I recently got back into BF2 and quickly made it to Staff Sgt. Only problem is that to go further, I’d need some good team players to play with. I usually go Medic or Anti-Tank, with occasional PKM support.

BF2k is a real killer. Some of the conquest maps are REAL. FRICKIN’. WAR. Even without the walkers, the infantry on infantry combat is pretty flexible. I’ll probably make my primary dude a Medic, seeing the rank system really allows persistence…

I refuse to buy BF2142 because of the in-game ads. I don’t care if players tell me to “just ignore them.” I don’t want videogames to become like cable: I pay them money so they can show me ads which make them more money.

And I tried liking BF2, I really did. But it just lost the magic of '42 and Desert Combat. I was thinking of trying that new Project Reality mod, though. Sounds like that’d have plenty of team players.

I wish I had a computer!! :frowning: I miss the old days of FPS goodness.

What ads? O_o I really have no oogle at any ads when a 50 foot walker is spraying lead everywhere.

The teamplay aspect in 2k is enchanced mostly by the fact you get extra unlocks temporarily by performing well in a squad. Not to mention extra points by performing actions that help the main objective in Titan mode.

Do you just not notice the ads or do you not have them? I’m pretty sure that certain countries, such as Australia, have legally banned such ads under spyware legislation. Might it be the same in Finland?

I have both, but I primarily play 2142. It doesn’t feel like war, but it can get pretty intense at times. The ads really aren’t that bad, most of them deal with the environment of the game (like recruiting ads for the different sides). The ads are worse in Need for Speed games. I’ve only seen two ads that aren’t a part of the story. One was for the show “Future Weapons” on the Discovery channel and the other was for the Intel Core 2 Duo. The ads are pretty mild and they don’t really stand out.

I used to play Assualt, but now I play support primarily. I like 2142 more than Battlefield 2 because I don’t care for either side (I hate playing a terrorist in a military themed game) and because of the upgrades. It gives me an incentive to do well. I do play Battlefield 2 periodically, but pretty much just 2142. I do both on the 64 player servers.

Well, the MEC really can’t be considered terrorists since they are a coalition of Middle Eastern military forces rather than an independent organization. Not to mention the fact they are the defending force in most cases, rather than the offensive.

Of course, in BF2142, there’s no clear “Good guys” either… EU (Supported by americans) vs Pan Asian Coalition… and EU strolled into Africa. Asia Follows and takes whatever the EU left to northern Europe.

They looks like terrorists and have terrorists weapons. If it looks like a duck and acts like a duck, what is it? Besides, in Battlefield 2, the American force is suppose to be the Marine Corps, so I might have a little bit of a bias of who I play as. Then the China one is just whatever, but I’d still rather play America over China. In 2142, there is Europe and Asia in the future. I have no real attachment to either side since they aren’t America.

Don’t both sides in BF just kill and heal (medics)?

I’m a bit biased in the numbers department: The USMC guns just don’t have the same kind of oomph as the MEC versions: I’d pick AK over M16 any day. And the gun is pretty close to what I used during my time in the force - The RK62, an AK derivative.

RPK-74 is pretty close to the machinegun our guys have too. Although PKM is a bit closer to our standard issue LMG.

The unlocks kind of round out the problems with the guns, but there’s this small warm feeling I get hearing the arabs actually speak arabic.

Although it kind of troubles me that most unlocks are of European design - the G36 family and G3 hail from Germany, P90 from France and whatnot.