Battle systems you would like to see in FFXIII

Just post battle systems you would like to see in FFXIII. Enjoy.

Active Time Battle. It may be old fashioned, but hey. They’ll probably realize that’s the best way to go when they find out how broken XII’s is.

I want to see something like the one in FF10. I like how it still was like Active Time in that agility and stuff affected how fast you attacked, but the way ti was setup allowed for a lot of strategy.

As long as they arn’t to boring I’ll play…


You haven’t even played XII yet, and you are already saying it is broken. Why don’t you wait until it comes out, then give us your verdict. Sound good?

Yeah 10’s was cool. It allowed you to think several steps ahead, which the old system didn’t.

If it’s by the guy who directed Unlimited Saga and FFII, it’s gonna be seriously flawed. I just got a feeling. That guy has a penchant for trying something quirky and having it go wrong.

From what I have heard, the main reason FFXII is taking so long in development is because they keep scrapping the the battle system. They tried to make it like FFXI with a targeting system but testers said it sucked and they scrapped it.

They should just make it use the same battle system as FFT. They’re probably looking for originality in their battle system, but that’s hard to get nowadays so they should use a battle system they don’t use that much.

I always enjoyed the Active Time Battle. Simple and easy to use.

i liked the atb from ff7, very basic, and hard to screw up i’d think, but if they’d add a casting time like they did for summons in ff8 but for all spells that’d be cool. i also really liked the ff10 version where you could see when each character was going to act, even the monsters, it allows for so much more strategy. i think if they did standard turn based like ff1 it’d be suicide for them, i’m playing it right now, and it sucks (the battle system), it reminds me of the lameness of a d20 system rpg.

Ok I love FFT, I love the system…

That being said it will never happen with a non-Tactics FF… Although it’s wishful thinking…

ATB made you make quicker decisions…but it has its flaws…turn-based made for very mythotical careful battle system…

I would like to see a more turn based system but a timer on how long you had to make a decision…like a 10 count…so you can’t just stand there and take 3 hours to make a move…it would allow for a stat that gave you more or less time to make a move…and if you wanted to cast magic you would have to do it quicker so you’d have time to cast it…like options would dissepear the longer you took…(special abilties, summons, etc)

It would be an interesting endevour…

FF10 wasn’t active time at all, it was a turn based system, there were just more factors that changed turn orders around. Active time would be like Chrono Trigger, where even if your turn comes up someone else can still go as soon as their counter is full as well.

I didn’t say it was active time. I said it was LIKE active time in that things like speed affected the battle order. The only thing is that each turn was paused and you saw the turns in order.

That’s how most RPGs work anyway, turn order is based on speed or agility, even ones where an entire party takes their turns at a time. To be like Active time the battle system should be active, not turn based.

No point in arguing.

I’m a Tactical Game-Engine fan myself; I like to take my time to think, and move characters around the field. However, I understand many people don’t like that. The best system would be one that gave you options: switching between real-time and turn-based combat at will. Plus, maybe a small field to move around, like in the LUNAR games. I would also throw in an auto-combat option, for those moments when you get bored of too many similar fights.

I have An idea for the DS… Execpt for a hand full of forced in to one type of Battles. (Like the First few, and the Big War half way though part 2), You can battle real time like Devil May Cry or in RTS Mode, Like Starcraft. In ether mode Commands are given to your party members in the Bottom screen… and you see that them do it in the top… Select could swap modes L+R swap comand screen options.

I know it Impossible to get it off the ground.

I’ve never been too picky about the battle systems in FF games. The only one I didn’t really like was FF8’s draw/gf system. Not being able to cancel GF cutscenes drove me bonkers and the draw system just ended up being a lot of lengthy battles just holding down x. I do wish they’d add addictive side games like the card game in ff8 though. I loved that thing.

FF 11 is the only one I’ve not happy with… that is since I’ve never played for some amount of time.

FF10 wasn’t active time at all, it was a turn based system, there were just more factors that changed turn orders around. Active time would be like Chrono Trigger, where even if your turn comes up someone else can still go as soon as their counter is full as well.

I think that ff10 had an option to “wait” or not, I’m not sure but I think it did. Also I am playing ff1 right now, and that is what I would consider true turn based. In 1 battles consist of rounds and every round each character acts once, the agility or whatever determines who will act first that round, but every round starts over again, kinda like a P&P rpg using the d20 system where initiative is calculated at the start of battle but no matter how fast or slow a character is they still get one action a round. I think that ff10 differed from this in that it wasn’t round based but ‘tick’ based. ‘Tick’ based means that initiative is determined by spd or agility or whatever but affects the battle by allowing a character to act once every XX ‘ticks’ so a character that has double the spd than a monster will get to act twice for each time that monster acts once. this made things like ‘haste’ and ‘delay turn’ way more useful. I believe this system was also used in ff7, but I forget about ff8.

I don’t think any game where the player controls more than one character can ever be a true action rpg, and active time is still turn based because you can only imput one characters action at a time, thus some characters are still waiting their turns (even if you choose to skip characters), the only part that is truely active time then is the monsters, which puts pressure one the player, this can be good for some people and bad for others, that is why, if I am correct, ff10 had a good system cause you could switch between wait or go.