Battle Royale

I just saw Battle Royale and thought it was friggin’ amazing but I have one question:

In the file I downloaded, when Kawada pulls out a gun and points it at Shuya and Noriko near the end the sound goes out of sync and the picture gets all blurry and indistinguishable and comes back about a minute later when Kitano declares the project over.

So what happens in that scene because I see a definite lack of dead Shuya and Noriko.

I read the first volume of the manga.

I like it.

I didn’t know there was a manga. I have to check it out.

Battle Royale is an EXCELLENT movie, i first saw it last year. The second one just recently came out and is pretty good too, but not as good as the first.

As far as your question here is what happened:

Kawada knew that Kitano was listening and he knew that the collars were not working (Due to the hacking done by Mimura),so he acted like he was going to kill Shuya and Noriko and then shot (Presumably at the ground or someting). Kitano didnt want the military going out to “Search for bodies” because he knew that all three were alive. He didnt want Noriko to die. So he told them that the project was over and that Kawada was the winner.

EDIT - Wasnt a spoiler at first - had to add spoiler tag heh.

One of my friends just read the book, and she said that it was pretty good she even read a few quotes at a meeting of our school’s writers’ club. I’m tempted to read it or watch the movie.

I want to read it first. The book is usually better then the movie.

Thanks for answering my question, that was really bugging me.

I really want to read the book.

The book was excellent, and this is one rare case where the movie IS as good as the book =)