Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru)

Now, it isn’t often I make a thread, and I don’t think I’ve ever made a thread about a movie before, but I just saw this and my mind is blown. Seriously, the movie is like the best thing I’ve ever seen on any medium.

Basically the plot is this: It’s just past the dawn of the new millenium and society is breaking apart, schoolkids are boycotting schools and are acting violently towards adults, teachers in particular. An act called the “Battle Royale” act is created and it states that every year, a ninth-grade class is chosen at random and taken secretly to a deserted island. These 40+ students must battle to the death, whether they want to or not, until one is left alive, “the survivor”.

This film is the greatest I’ve ever seen for so many reasons. It’s entirely disturbing though, the deeper you look into the film the more it says about society and the darkest sides of humanity.

Of course, the first thing you’ll notice about this film is the utter violence, the thing about the violence in this film though is that it isn’t gratuitous, it’s just merciless, cold and uncaring, making it all the more stronger and powerful.

The characters are very deep, if only the main ones, but the acting and cinematography is just fabulous. It’s so surreal watching some characters committing suicide rather than killing their friends and watching others kill without any feeling.

The soundtrack is very well thought out, at some of the most disturbing points in the film (particularly at the regular death-calls), it uses very calm classical music to make it all the more powerful. It also uses modern j-pop/rock at some points.

It’s just so hard to describe the awesomeness of this film in words, really, if you enjoy any kind of action and/or psychological horror films then you REALLY need to see this. In fact, I think the tagline says it all: “Could you kill your best friend?”

I own the Japanese DVD of this movie, along with it’s Sequel.

Well aren’t you just so special Giza!

Battle Royale was really good, and the sequel was like the most explosion filled movie ever.

I loved how they killed off like 30 of the kids in the first day :mwahaha:

One of my favorite movies as well, amazingly well made, damn good movie.

furthermore, and more important to this thread…

its also one of my favorite BOOKS. The Battle Royal Novel (not the manga) is FAR superior to the movie, and considering how amazing the movie was, this is saying a lot.

Thought Chigusa and Mitsuko were bitches in the movie? you haven’t seen anything, repeatedly stabbing someone in the ball is childs play compared to the stuff in the book.
Thought Kiriyama was one demented guy? You haven’t even heard half of the story, the stuff he did BEFORE the battle royale (note: in the book hes always been in the same class) is seriously bad ass.

The characters in the book are very very superior to those in the movie, most of the characters (Those that have time) have things explained on them before they die, not to mention quite a few of the deaths are changed from the book, espicially order wise (the big BOOM at the end of the movie is about halfway through the book, even before the lighthouse)

The book also goes far more into detail about why the “Greater Asian Republic” was reduced to something as harsh as BR and a vastly militaristic rule, and, despite everything the second (Crappy) movie states, the book actually shows america as a place of freedom and where they were trying to escape too.

If you even slightly enjoyed the movie, i HIGHLY suggest you read the book. Its quite difficult to get ahold of, and the only place i know of to find it is at

The movie is still, and will forever, be one of my favorite movies, and as far as film can achieve, its one of the best. but the book is far more interesting and intriguing.

Yeah, while I was reading up on the movie, I saw people talking about the book in a few places, I’m thinking of getting it after I read 1984.

It is good, but pretty fucked up. My main problem is that they didn’t send the abd kids there, they a random class. It just doesn’t make sense.

Yeah, I want to see the second one as well. Shame it’ll probably never get a release, 'cause of all the 9/11-related-type-stuff people will doubtlessly throw at it.

Screw you guys, now I want to watch it but suprnova only has a torrent of the sequel.

Fuck TD, get the sequel. I’ll trade it for the first one. >:P

That’s all? Then the deal is done.

I also want you to give me your shoes, your clothes, and your HD.

and I want your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle Pieface.

some of my friends have seen it, I haven’t seen it yet, but it sounds interesting. What I like even more though is how the name translates to Japanese to:


So Merl likes films purely on how well their title translates into a battlecry? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve never seen the movie, but I did read some of the manga and i liked, kinda creepy.

I just watched it. All I have to say is WOW.

After some careful looking (in the ASIAN section smacks self) I did, in fact, find Battle Royale torrents. And Battle Royale 2. Woo.

Fucking CHRIST that movie was awesome. Kiyama (I think that’s how it’s spelled) reminded me a lot of Johnny Depp.

Found his name… Kiriyama. Kicked ASS.
Masanobu Ando is the actor’s name… I think it was the hair that reminded me of Depp.