Batman vs...Sub-Zero?

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe:

Since this isn’t April Fools, I guess we can consider this to be real. Which is sad. Really. As a Mortal Kombat AND comic book nerd, I don’t see how this could even remotely work. At least it’ll most likely be infinitely better than Marvel Nemesis.


It’s not really Mortal Kombat without fatalities.

Yeah, but how the hell does one fatality Batman (nevermind Superman)? If comic books have taught us anything it’s that superheroes can never die (only the alter-egos that assume them kinda).

Though I would love to see Batman fatality someone (especially if it’s Aquaman or the Wonder Twins, but I would also accept any member of the MK Krew to Batfatality slaughter as well).

I would find it desturbing to see Scorpion pull off his unique fatality on Batman or Wonder Woman. with mortal kombat, it’s cool, because you expect one of the fighters to die (it’s almost suprising to see a friendly win) but with the DC universe… it’s almost sickening. you think “hang on… these guys don’t die! that’s the point!”

I guess it would work with the second robin though…

either way, Meh. it’s probably an idea after DC got fed up with Marvel vs Capcom and wanted a fighting game of their own :S

but I can see 2008 being not only the year of the 4th sequel, but the year of the crossover too.

Jason Todd is alive -_-;

Really? I thought the joker shot him

ahwell. i may look more into this game, just for the sake of intrest

[SPOILER]Actually he beat him to death with a crowbar.

He got better.

And now he’s evil, I guess.[/SPOILER]

ah, ok, thanks for that.

I must be thinking of Barbra Gordon…


No, Jason Todd WAS killed (as a result of a phone-in poll, to boot.) But an evil version of Superboy literally punched reality and changed history.

Yes, it’s as stupid as it sounds.

And DC comics is full of fatalities. The evil Superboy punched the Golden Age Superman to death, too. You can see why I don’t read DC comics any more. -_-

in all honesty, the trailer shows a bit of back story.

I bet that fight started after this conversation

Batman: Ah, mr freeze, new look i see?
Sub-zero: who the heck is mr freeze?

and so on. there’ll probably be some form of super plot where the two sides team up, as Sub-Zero is also a good guy in the MK universe too. you can see it coming a mile off

Unless they go with the old Sub-Zero, who is pretty much a dick.

Who is also Noob Saibot now…unless his Armageddon ending was canon.

If I remember correctly, they said there wouldn’t be any fatalities at all; rather, the characters would just have really powerful “finishing moves” that cream their opponent without actually killing them. A camp-out to be sure, but if they still look cool, a lot of people would be wiling to forgive Sub-Zero not ripping Batman’s head off or Superman not melting Scorpion with his heat-vision.

And Wil, I’m amazed you didn’t respond to this thread with a twenty-page thesis on why comic books suck today.

I’m very peaceful so I just want to see the normal combat.

Instead of, you know, the kombat.

No need. Just pick any random DC comic today (not counting “All-Star Superman” or “Johnny DC” (the Kids line); it’s self-evident. :frowning:

At least Marvel is still mostly readable (despite things like “Civil War.”)

Oh pff. Just throw Lobo in there and everyone will know that fatalities are NEEDED.