Batman : The Brave and The Bold game

The debut trailer (not the same as the ones just showing the gameplay) is hilarious, especially if you know the characters from the show (like how Green Arrow is jealous of Batman.) This is more like a mini-episode in fact:

I like this show, or at least when the episodes are written well (not everything is a comedy there.) The game looks like its pretty faithful to it.

Umm, that’s the idea. Think of TB&TB as the McDonald Toy version of Batman. :slight_smile:

Which is why it’s goddamn fucking horrible and a fucking travesty. It makes the 60s batman look like the Dark Knight.

Err, my point is that there’s room for all versions- in fact, it’s for the best. Kids can have Brave and the Bold (and note the series has had its good, even dark, episodes) while we have the Current Batman movies (best version ever.) I like both.

My favorite version of Batman has always been “Batman: The Animated Series” during the 90s! Every episode was always shrouded in a dark atmosphere created by the colors, the characters and the general story as well! However, despite all that, it was some how attractive to children as well; as there were half-heroes that were kids (making reference to episode 12 - Ive got Batman in my Basement… which btw is my favorite episode!) :stuck_out_tongue:

But in regards to “Brave and the Bold” that didn’t appeal to me at all, unfortunately… I guess what Wil said is true, it’s considered a Batman version to be aimed solely at kids

Not solely; the series is chock-full of obscure comic book references (nearly everybody in the show is from the comics, although some characters haven’t been seen in decades) that most kids would never get; they are obviously meant for old fans. Also, the episodes range in tone from absolutely silly to dead serious (see “Chill of the Night!” where Batman finally catches his parent’s killer, for an example of a shockingly creepy episode; btw it was written by Paul Diny, same guy who did B:TAS!) And how about the song sung by the heroines Catwoman, Huntress and Black Canary (in “The Mask of Matches Malone”) that was all about the sexual prowess (or lack of) of the male superheroes? O_O How did THAT get past the censors!?

Anyway, the show is a lot of fun for those who watch with an open mind; just remember that the quality varies unpredictably (probably because they have too many writers.) For more information check the Tv Tropes page on the show here: There’s also an episode guide.

Yeah I guess that’s my main problem, I approached the series with fairly low expectations. From the commercial I already had preconceived ideas that it wasn’t going to meet my standards. I should have a bit more of an open mind! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I am quite a quality fanatic… that’s one of the main reason why I watch stuff, but like always… you gotta try it before you can comment on it! Lesson learnt… never judge a book by it’s cover! xD