Batman... SINGING!? 0_0

No, he doesn’t sing in the new movie, don’t worry. It’s in an new episode of Justice League. I just HAD to share this with you people:

In a move that will surely inspire horror, an upcoming episode of “Justice League Unlimited” will feature musical numbers with the immortal witch Circe (voiced by Rachel York) and a very special song … by the Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy). “Since 1991, when we first started making Batman, we always joked about making ‘Batman: The Musical’ because Kevin Conroy, who voices Batman, is a fine singer,” said voice director Andrea Romano. “In this episode, Batman is forced to do something humiliating in order for a spell to be reversed. And what he is forced to do is sing a song, and he sings it wonderfully. You just don’t get to do many musical numbers in Justice League, so that’s really, really fun.” This cavalcade of hilarity will also feature original SNL cast member Lorraine Newman as both Justice and Medusa. Okay.

:hahaha; Guffaw

I think in one of the ep. Batman hums a tone to keep this pysco guy from getting into his mind and making him fall into a deadly dream.

Good one it was…

Can’t be as bad as any Batman fanfic.

Didn’t Adam West sing all the time?

Yes, but Adam West also had acid proof batsuits.

Further proof that Justice League has gone down the crapper.

I can take the half-hour stories. I can take the other characters they never use. I can even take the below average quality of the episodes (especially when compared to season 2). But for the love of God, I DRAW THE LINE AT BATMAN SINGING! STOP BASTARDIZING THE POOR GUY

And how come Batman doesn’t dance anymore? Remember the Bat-tusi?

Gallo: I think the humor in recent episodes (like the one were some Leaguers were turned into children) is an intentional balance to the grimness of some episodes last season, which included murders (off camera) and Hawkgirl’s betrayal. I say, as long as the episodes are written well (and don’t go too far either way) I welcome both approaches. I think they’ve done well enough so far this season.

Batman singing…blinkblinkbursts out laughing and dies from lack of air

Hawkgirl’s betrayal? Geez, I missed a lot. Batman singing, I’m going to have to see.

I can’t imagine batman singing. :hahaha; I have to see it.

I can imagine Adam West singing. Well actually, more remember then imagine. And yes, I do remember the Bat-Dance. Shudders at thought.

laughs head off and falls to the floor ive been gone for 2 weeks and i find that something like this happens…omg…shows what ive been missing

Hey, I think the episode airs tonight! 8:30, in Cartoon Network, I believe. I’ll give you my opinion after I see it (it’s not on in my Cable Service until 11:30, however.) ::dekar!::

Btw, the episode also features Zatanna the Magician, one of the sexiest members ever in the League… who must speak her spells- backwards? ( I REALLY hope they don’t use THAT silly gimmick on the TV version!)

Just watched it, and I’m glad I did. haven’t laughed so hard in a while. And Wil, near as I could tell, she did. Of course, captions would have helped determine this more.

Ah, I just watched that episode. I enjoyed it a lot.

I saw it, and it was done pretty well actualy.

I can’t wait for the episode with “The Question” though

DC sucks.

Dark Horse 4 ev0r

Ok, just saw the episode… thankfully, it wasn’t stupid. In fact, it had very clever moments. For those who didn’t catch on:

The red guy was Red Tornado.

The woman who took Batman and Zatanna to Hades was the greek goddess of Justice.

One of the men trying to catch Wonder Pig said “That’ll do, pig” (BABE reference.)

The boatman was Charon, and his price was two coins (in greek legend, you had to put two coins on the eyes of the dead or Charon wouldn’t take their souls to the Other Side.)

And yes, most of Zatanna’s spells were just BACKWARD words. thud

P.S. Anybody knows who the guy in the red cape was? (The one who asked at the old couple’s house?)