BATMAN IS THE SHIZ-NITE! And he's batty, that man....

OMG OMG, I got back from the 12 Oclock showing. Its greater than you can possibly imagine.

Shit, I have to wait 2.5 more weeks before I can see it. Is it really that awesome?

I have to wait until thursday due to lameass friends…

maybe I’ll sneak off and see it today…

… I think I will

It’s really good? The trailer kinda… well… put me off.

I haven’t seen a great Batman flick since the second one, actually. :-\

I saw it this afternoon. It was really good. However, it feels a lot different than the previous Batman movies. It’s hard to explain. I’ll wait until the rest of us see it before I get into any details.

That’s probably because this movie is meant to restart the franchise, BHX, not continue the old one.

Anyway, I think I’m seeing it this weekend.

It’s hard to take Batman seriously. For one thing, his name is Batman and he drives a Batmobile. Secondly, his costume blows. Batman has always been and always will be early childhood material.

It’s hard to take Hades Shinigami seriously. For one thing, his name is Hades Shinigami and he drives a Hades Shinigamimobile. Secondly, his costume blows. Hades Shinigami has always been and always will be early childhood material.

ba-na-na-na-na-na-na-na na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batman!




Holy cheesyoneliners, Batman.

I’m sure Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns would disagree with you.

Does the movie go into detail about his observation and deduction studies ? Or is it all about fighting ?


The one thing I’ve never been able to accept in the Batman legend is the costume. It’s supposed to scare criminals? Maybe if it looked like this but he just looks like a man in a bat-themed costume. But, that is just something you accept, the way you accept that Superman has superpowers before watching a Superman movie. Otherwise, I’d say he’s one of the most realistic of the superheroes. In the comics, Batman doesn’t just fight supervillains, like the others do; he actually manipulates the Gotham City crime families against each other, keeping them as ineffectual as possible. He’s a genius who sees the whole picture, even maneuvering the other Gotham crimefighters into doing what is needed- not always with their consent.

I’ll probably go see it next week. My personal review afterwards.

Eh… Isn’t Katie Holmes in it? Did she ruin it?

Jenna: Yes she is, and according to one review I read, she doesn’t ruin the movie, mainly because the rest of the stuff is too good. :slight_smile: Speaking of which, here’s a link to a LOAD of new BB stuff, including pictures of the people waiting outside the Chinese Theater for the premiere. Warning: do not read the link to the review, it has spoilers- unless you are immune to spoilers like I am. :stuck_out_tongue: In MY case, it actually has calmed some of my fears about the movie. I’m pretty confident now I WILL like it. :slight_smile:

Oh, there are a couple of other things there, too, like some comments from Morena Baccarin on her possibility to play Wonder Woman in the new movie. BTW, I STILL haven’t seen her in FIREFLY, but I saw the episode of Justice League were she voiced Black Canary, and damn, she’s got a great voice, and knows how to sound like a badass! If she also can act that well, I’m sold on her as WW.

The Battank ruins it. Where’s the cool car with all the neat gadgets?

What was that quote batman said? “its not who I am on the inside, its somthign.s somthing” Anyone remember?

It was sooooo good.

I’m sure I’d disagree with it, too.


I was worried, untill I saw the reviews, I’m seeing this one for sure.

The new batmobile remindes me of something from power rangers though