Batman is obviously good at DDR

It just makes me smile.

Y’ gotta love the old guy…


He’s batty, that man

The awesomeness compells him.

This is one of the many reasons why I love Batman.

Pretty funny. :slight_smile:

You know, there was a recent JUSTICE LEAGUE tv episode were Bats was forced, not to dance, but to SING. You see, Circe (yes, the one from The Odyssey) turned Wonder Woman into a pig, and the only way she would change her back, was if Batman made the sacrifice of doing something he considered humiliating.

The funny thing was, he was GOOD! (He claimed he learned the song only because he was spying on The Penguin, who had it playing 24/7. Riiiight…)

(The in-joke is that the guy who voices Batman in the JL cartoon (with that grating voice) is also a great singer, and the writers always planned to make him sing on the show.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Kan i call youuuu a bat mastah???

He’s Batman.

And he can breathe in space.

It’s good. But not as good as Count Your Sheep.

How about at Tetris? Or any reasonably-balanced fighting game? Or any other fighting game, like say MvC2?

Batman grabs Magneto, does infinite and deadbody infinite. He kills your character and, since he deadbodies it, he doesn’t go off-screen even when he’s dead. He goes for a time over. You lose.