Batman and ff6 link

This is something I realized that I’m not sure has been mention anywhere (but I’m probably wrong) but the first batman movie (the onbe with Jack Nicholson as the Joker) and ff6 share a unforgetable and quite similar line. At one part of the movie, the Joker say, “If anybody else calls you a beast, I’ll rip their lungs out.” And then in ff6, Locke I believe lock says something around, “Call me a thief again and I’ll rip your lungs out.” This is probably undeserving of a thread, but I’m posting it anyway.

Sounds interesting… wish you had the actual quote though.

The FF6 quote goes “Hey! Call me a treasure hunter, or I’ll rip your lungs out!”. Locke says it in response to one of the merchants in South Figaro. But I don’t remember the Batman quote too well. Very good though!

Maybe there’s more movie references in that South Figaro scene? You know, there’s the Rosebud one already, and now this.

I thought Locke was saying it to the person in Narche who helps out Terra (can’t remember his name)

I also pointed out a reference in FF6 to the 80’s horror “House”.

It was regarding Shadow and Seigfried. How Clyde(Shadow) couldnt kill his buddy, and left him to die instead. And then Seigfried shows up later dressed kinda like a mummy. Well, that always reminded of that movie. Because int he movie, the main char was in vietnam, and his friend had been wounded, and he pleaded “kill me, kill me”. but the main char couldnt, so he ran away… one of my favorite 80’s movies, really.

I think it’s just a coincidence. BTW, back in the 80s, in the BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS comic book letters page, there was a running gag about Katana, the female samurai member of Batman’s team. The writer responded to a fan’s criticism of her bloodthirstiness by saying, “Watch out or Katana will rip your lungs out and carry them in a bucket.” The fans loved the comment, and it kept popping up in the letters page for a while.

You know, I always wondered why Batman allowed a Hero who was willing to KILL (and DID so in the series, more than once) on the Team. The one thing about Batman is that he NEVER kills. Otherwise the Joker would be history by now.

I always liked the Joker. Irony IS funny, especially in an insane criminal roll. As corny as they were, i liked the old Adam West batman shows. But with that being said, I always thought Michael Keaton played the best batman. Maybe that’s just because i grew up watching that…
Speaking of The Joker and FF6. Doesnt Kefka remind you alot of the Joker ? I mean, their both insane, their both evil, and they both pop out one-liners, and laugh when they do evil. Man, i wanna go watch batman now !

REITERATON: Didn’t Batman kill when he had to ? (like the Joker in the movie)

The full quote of the Movie is very close to “Look at us, the perfect couple, Beauty and the Beast, Though if anyone else calls you a beast, I’ll rip ther lungs out.” Rent the movie if you want to get a better quote.

I always thought the old one was meant to be a comedy. Come on, how else could they do it with a straight face. KA-POW! ZAP! Can you actually say that they meant that to be a serious show? Honestly?

Showing a thug getting his jaw jacked by a right hook was too violent for TV in the 60’s. Especially since it was meant to be a childrens show… The ZAP! and POW! were put into it so they could have some good action without “graphic violence”

Still, fairly comical. My favorite line was when Batman and Robin climbed out of a giant teacup of acid Robin “Gee Batman, it was a good thing we decided to try out these new, acid-proof bat-suits.” It’s a classic.

i always laughed at Robin’s “Holy (insert whatever) Batman.” like “Holy Mouse-pad, Batman”

Sniff The good old days of yore where quality comedy meant watching kids TV. Such great times. :hahaha;