Bathroom Graffiti

So. Sister had an anthropology assignment that consisted of examining various bathroom graffitis. I tagged along and helped write down stuff that was on the Men’s side.

After spending the entire weekend going to everywhere from high schools to gas stations to the bathrooms at Wal-Mart (fucking treasure trove of vulgar messages there), we’ve got quite a list of poorly drawn pentagrams (and Stars of David. God, it’s as bad as those people who spell Satan as Satin), various numbers to call “for a good time”, offers to suck someone’s male reproductive organ - in whatever slang they felt like at the time - and a bunch of other inane things. THis was on the men’s side.

The girl’s side?

Not counting the high schools, we found ONE piece of graffiti of any sort. Inside the High schools, we found most of the messages to be along the lines of “Karen and Justin 4eva”.

THis got me a little interested in the topic, as you can tell. So I was wondering what your takes on bathroom graffiti and the people who make it are like. And if there’s any particualr examples that stuck out in your mind.

I think bathroom graffiti is fucking retarded. Most of it in my college is just retarded racist comments, and other stupid shit. I personally think it’s a waste of a perfectly good bathroom wall.

Well, pissing in a urinal is an innefective way to mark your territory, isn’t it?

It’s stupid, sorry, but I don’t really care if Mary likes Edward.

Can’t say i’ve ever been one to do it, although i’ve read some pretty funny stuff in port-o-john’s. The funniest thing i’ve seen was above a urinal, it said, “What are you looking at, the joke’s in your hand.” Sure, it was inaccurate, but still funny:P

Funne, here it’s the other way around. The guy’s bathrooms are fairly clean, the girl’s bathrooms have everything from heartheartheart to hiphop/pimp/bitching stuff over french love poems to…well I dunno. also lotsa stuff and rawings about how yummy dicks are :stuck_out_tongue: Y’know, the usual. Polish and russian writings about punk not being dead and various anarchy symbols. Yay for a multi culti- world! In the western bars, that is. Never in the public Chinese places.

I do it. So what. Usually just tags with marker or a knife, or postal sticker tags i already have made (if i happened to bring them with me). I could probably try to rationalize my behavior with some reason as to why i feel the need to deface bathroom stalls but i think the simple answer is that i’m just a bored asshole.

This is just one part of my global domination strategy that i like to call “undoing the world”. I also carry around a ton of screwdrivers with me, wherever i go…phillips, flat, trips, torx, securitorx, anything…and then when i find a table in a McDonalds, or a park bench, filing cabinet, ANYTHING, i unscrew it and take it apart.

Take that, society.

Wow, you’re really being rebelious there.

In my travel across the country I have come to the conclusion that graffiti differs depending on the region. In the south you see more Pentagrams and emo shit, in the north you see more prostitue advertisements, in the west you see more jokes and pictures, and in the east you see more Penis pictures and racist slander.

Shit, I need to TRY this. I’m just the right kind of asshole to do it, too. XD

In my old school, one disgusting guy routinely shit on the floor, picked it up, and rubbed it on the walls and windows of the bathroom. Everyone knew who it was, but no one would tell administration. They finally did catch him though.

Oddly enough, there’s nothing in my university bathroom. It’s a state uni and every single wall has some hand-made sign preaching some extremist left-wing ideal that the sign’s creators (The sociology students, mostly) probably did not even understand, but the bathrooms are completely devoid of any form of text or drawings.

It’s been ten minutes since I read this and I still can’t stop laughing.

y halo thar

I always wondered why people made bathroom graffiti in the first place. There are more important things to do then!

I’ve seen “Actions speak louder than graffiti.”

I’ve also seen “To whom it may concern: I screwed your mom.” And below that, “Go home, Dad, you’re drunk.”

Back before he was caught, I was in a bathroom at the Ocoee River white water rafting center there was a message scrawled on the wall that said “Eric Robert Rudolph was HERE”.

I just thought it was funny lol.

Usually racist remarks between ethnic groups. I’ve seen gay bashing remarks a few times and the anarchy symbol once. This is also just in the liberal arts building. Never seen it in the computer science building.

I just found it amusing you said “tagged” when talking about grafitti but not using it in the grafitti sense. Sorry.

Stupid shit in my school. Amusing stuff in the public stuff though. I’ve seen the “the joke’s in your hands” line though. I wrote it in my school once. Never saw anybody respond to it though.

Well, I mostly run into stuff along the lines of:

“Outside, you’re a champion. In here, you crap yourself all over.”

I’ve also seen my share of vulgarity, usually sexual remarks, a few things about people’s mothers, and a few things basically calling people gay or junkies.

I love the poems:
“Some come here to sit and think
Others come to plunder
I come here to shit and stink
and fart like fucking thunder”

“Here I sit,
I came to shit,
but only farted”