Bath salts

Couldn’t help but think of Ramza when I saw the DEA is finally banning them. Anyone know what happened after we foretold his doom a few months ago?

There are numerous conclusions to that particular scenario, and none of the likely ones are pleasant. The fact that he hasn’t given a follow up probably means one of the worse ones happened. Rehab would be useless, prison would ruin him, and the other option I could think of is simply running away. Either way we probably won’t be hearing from him in a while, if ever.

I actually thought this was referring to real bath salts and I was wondering how on earth I would ever enjoy a bath again!

Thankfully it is just some street drug. Scare averted!

You mean he said he was going on some bath-salts bender and never showed up again?

It’s more likely that he sold his laptop to further his habit, ended up in rehab or, something. He did however post while baked on whatever he was taking though. You can see a lot of the drama in the early pages of this thread (mostly in the third and fourth pages).

thanks for saving us from ourselves

Does anybody know his name? I know he was tight with Crotanks for a while, right? Can we google him? Hope the dudes alive.

How can you guys be worried about Ramza when some dude with a bunch of spiders died? And also…Steve Jobbs. WHERE ARE YOUR FUCKING PRIORITIES YOU MONSTERS

excuse me sir but it was some chick with a bunch of spiders. get your fucking priorities you monsters

Hey I posted my condolences for that spider chick’s great great grandchildren for their loss in the spider thread AND to pretentious Mac hipsters for the loss of the head of their corporation of choice that fostered to their over inflated sense of sumg superiority in the dead jobs thread. I get one free Where’s Ramza? post which I’ll make once I find his magic bong, that drug pushing wizard, and his evil twin Azmar.

Also I’m a PC bro. Deal with it.

Edit: Also you left out the Linux guy. >:(

I guess take consolation in that it’s probably not as bad as it possibly could be? That’s pretty much what I do in most situations.

Ramza will finally find someone to love him in prison.

I don’t think “love” is entirely the right word there …

sup bros (super mario bros) went through county to prison over to work release today is my first day on job seek! lookin fer jobs n such on rpgclassics the agora

edit: scannin that thread wow! i’ll make a bigger post later today maybe or another day for all my fans

I knew he wasn’t dead! I just knew it!



look at you