I need help with Madou Monogarari I for the Genesis. Floor 11, upper-right corner of the map. There’s an H-shaped room with 4 different colored switches and 2 doors, the northernmost of which is locked. There’s some kind of hint to the sequence the switches must be pressed in outside the room, but I can’t read it. Seeing as this game was never translated and there are NO [expletive deleted] WALKTHROUGHS for it (yet), I am officially stuck. Could someone help?

Figured it out myself. Here’s a hint: o/~Do-re-mi-fa-mi-re-do…

Just find the equivalent note to each.

What do you get for beating Pakista’s stupid minigame, and how do you do it?

I beat Satan. I escaped the tower before it exploded. I watched the ending.

I only got 76%. I didn’t clear enough Green Sign puzzles. I failed.

Now do you see why so many people want this game translated?!

:hyperven: sigh I’m alright now. I’m calm.

76% and I STILL failed…

You should try playing it again, maybe that would give you a higher percentage since you know how to solve the game.

You should try playing it again, maybe that would give you a higher percentage since you know how to solve the game.

Ah, but there’s a minor problem: The reason my percentage sucked is because I skipped a lot of the Green Sign puzzles since I couldn’t read them (Japanese game, no translation patch, remember?) and they were an optional sidequest. Anyhow, I’m over it and intend to wait until a walkthrough or patch is released before I screw with the game again.

On a side note, don’t throw egg bombs at any of Mamono’s forms 'cuz the game will glitch and he’ll drop through the floor, which means he can’t hit you-- in his first two forms, at least-- and you can’t hit him, forcing you to reset. (Mamono’s the little blue guy who turns into a big blue guy who turns into a spellcasting bird.)

Oh, and the pineapple bomb rules.

You didn’t say you skipped it you just said you didn’t clear enough of them in your earlier post. Haven’t played the game myself though, so wouldn’t know what you are referring to. Good luck waiting.

It was translated for the SNES by Aeon Genesis. It’s probably basically the same game.

:mwahaha: In terms of gameplay, nothing could be further from the truth.

The signs are scattered all over the labyrinth, so it’s pretty easy to miss/ignore them. Oh, and thanks. N’stuff.

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