Mine >:(

I’ve seen that .Gif of the fat kid before… but what’s your point?

He’s just jealous because someone else is using ‘his’ property. Well I got news for you Steve! The Fat Kid belongs to no-one but himself! He is not your slave, to be gawped at by you alone! He deserves freedom, to roam the internet, and to gawped at by millions!


Why can’t we move away from the fat kid and show the clip of the kid jumping into the pool about four or five feet too early?

I gotta see that.


Woah. Yes please, I wanna see the pool one.

Been using it for ages on another forum. I got custody rights now :-p

No Steve. Yours dances. This one plays drums :stuck_out_tongue:

I had that as my sig until Merlin asked me to remove it.

I don’t like you anymore :frowning:

Did you ever!?!?

Steve, you new sig is disturbing.

God, where is the disable sig option!!

guess you’ll have to find another gif of a retared kid to exploit

DAMMIT Merlin. As a former lifeguard/pool manager/swim instructor, seeing that clip brought back memories and added a little sunshine to my dreariest days. =)

I would try to find it but it has been long time since I had it so I don’t remember where I stumble upon it at.

god steve thats just disturbing