Basic Video Editing.

I cannot imagine this being too complicated… basically, what I want is to cut off a segment from an MPEG file. Not remove that segment from the video, but copying that segment to create a smaller video consisting of just that part, like you’d cut a phrase from a text and save it somewhere else.

What do I need for this?

Microsoft Movie Maker?

VirtualDub lets you do it easily.

That should do the trick, thank you.

Success! Some tinkering, blindly choosing a random compression method and a trip through an encoder, and I’ve got a reasonably sized perfectly working VCD MPEG.

Now for Part 2: I need to combine the segments I took into one big video. Except VirtualDub can’t do it and Windows Movie Maker is a bit too heavy for my machine. Is there any other program I can use, or combining videos is for some reason a more difficult process than separating them?

Are you sure VirtualDub can’t do it? O_o I seem to recall it being able to.

If there is a way of doing it, I have yet to find it. I’ve been tinkering with this thing for a while but whenever I try to copy “Video A” at the end (Or beginning, or the middle or wherever) of “Video B”, I only end up copying the respective segment of B.

What I mean is, if I try to copy frames 1 to 1000 of A onto B, I only end up copying frames 1 to 1000 of B onto itself.

Hmm… weird. In any case, there’s probably a dozen tools out there that’ll do this… just do some Googling. :sunglasses:

<strike>Mmm… but that’d involve actual effort in my part, you see.

I’ll look 8P</strike>
Took me about two minutes. The program is called DVTools and the result is so smooth I honestly can’t tell the two segments were ever separated.