Bandwagon = jumped.

Well, I finally (FINALLY) picked up a DS Lite last week. I should preface this by saying that I haven’t bought a handheld since the original, grey-brick, puke-green Game Boy. I have to say that “pleasantly surprised” were the words that kept running through my head as I found more and more features of the DS which I absolutely loved.

-It’s light. As in, not heavy. Hence “DS Lite”. It fits in a pocket, though I won’t be actually carrying it around anywhere unless I’m traveling. It’s the perfect size - small enough to not be unwieldy, large enough to afford good grip and with two sharp screens which don’t force me to squint at all.

-It looks great. I got the white version.

-It comes with a rechargable battery pack AND an AC adapter - I was afraid I’d have to shell out major bucks for those.

-The stylus is a great invention. If Phoenix Wright just had an option for text to appear instantly on the screen, I’d never be using the D-pad and buttons.

-Simply closing the screen (an instant reaction) will both pause the game and put it on standby. This is what every single console should always have! This one feature is pure bliss for me (as anyone who’s heard my past rants will know).

Of course I got games with it as well - FF3 DS and Phoenix Wright. First, my impressions of the latter - it is an awesome idea. This being Capcom, I have no doubts it’ll be milked for all it’s worth, but the tasks of keeping actual events in your head and corroborating them with evidence and witness testimonies makes for a truly interesting and original challenge. It’s so cool how little nagging doubts turn into dramatic questions which end up overhauling the whole testimony. The over-the-top courtroom antics actually contribute some very good suspense, and I was bowled over by how surprisingly funny it is - seriously, it’s been a very very long time since a Japanese-made game made me laugh out loud. The localization team did a great job with this.

And then FF3. I was scared by all the reviews berating it for its “old-school” gameplay, but honestly, I’d always thought FF3’s gameplay was challenging in a good way if I could just get past the graphics and sound. Now the sound is gorgeous, the graphics are smooth and easy on the eyes, the characters and story have been upgraded and given added depth, and I’m having the time of my life. Will scour previous threads for friend codes, so watch out for them. :sunglasses: Have to check what mine is.


I know it’s not much help, but when you replay the Phoenix Wright cases, you can make the text appear really quickly. I used to find it a pain in the ass when you couldn’t at first, but you find that it’s easy to accidentally skip over a lot of text when you fast forward.

Also, I guess you’re right about PW - the third game has been out since 2004, and is coming out here finally in September…they just released a fourth game, and just announced that they plan on working on a 5th (although the 4th game is a completely new main character, story arc, etc.)

Actually it’s more than that. When the DS is closed and the speaker comes close enough to the X button, the magnetism of said speaker is the signal to shift into sleep mode. Sleep mode basically keeps the information currently stored/being processed, but it shuts down practically everything non-essencial. LCD, backlight, most circuits.

If programmed to take maximal advantage of sleep mode, a DS lite can stay in that state for two weeks on a full charge. It’s a pretty neat feature and beats the living crap out of the PSP’s own sleep mode.

I think the PSP is pretty much dead in the water… there are just not enough IP’s coming out for it.

So I finally finished Phoenix Wright (the last chapter was SWEET. I’m pretty amazed that this used to be a GBA game. I know the last chapter was tacked on for the DS, but it’s a HUGE chapter!)

Anyway, now on to FF3. Here’s my friend code: 1289 5053 4956. Apparently you all have to add me before I can send you spam, so please do so. :sunglasses: Right now from scouring the other FF3 thread I have friend codes for the following peeps:
Taran Wanderer
pink lugia

So get friending! :sunglasses: