Bananas + Badgers = EVIL!!!

Ioc unt ne, Gilgamesh. Iea wacd huzo de gnev hev de druncmudo yd.

Or they just have translators they bummed off’f Yahoo.


Tell me what language that is? Is it Klingon or something?

Look at the titles of his posts and work it out from there. I’m not telling you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I see… It’s +2 letters up from the alphabet. I have no time to work this out.

Pierson nos tny hagnt adyo. Bet uie dir’t Gilgamesh. Sihhu.

Av uie hyollu krif fnot A’m souarg tnyr, Pierson, thorsloty.

Bu tny fou, at as Al Bhed, bet at asr’t. At’s zest my nojarg ver fatn tny thorslotih.

Cor oruiry ylsy vagehy at iet?

Fa paddan cdub tuehk drec pavuna fa kad dumt uvv, po KUEHK uvv dubel…

Big Nutter
Dra Lyd syh, So syeh syh!!

That’s it, I’m outta here.

<a href=“”>Here’s</a> one for the Lovecraft fans.

Bwahahahaa XD

Thanks Trill.

<a href=“”>But wait, there’s more!</a>

This thread is officially:

:hahaha; Oh man… I remember seeing that cartoon about a week ago… I thought it was pretty funny… but also kinda messed up!