Bananas + Badgers = EVIL!!!

I am going to have that damned song stuck in my head all week.

I wish I had a Gundam banana. I’d pay tons for an action figure of that. I don’t know why the hell one of these weren’t in G Gundam, that would have kicked ass.

F**k! :smiley:

Banada Gundam could’a beaten Freedom. :smiley: That’s awesome. Even though Rockman Neo is still better.

Why do people have to do this to me?


Fryd dra V**G, Ehtaat. E navica du lussahd eh dra cdyhtynt myhkiyka

Big Nutter

Bah! You shall all change your tune to something else when I make a Bongun/Munak version of that!

<font size=-4>Bongun Bongun Bongun Bongun Bongun Bongun Bongun Bongun Bongun Bongun Bongun Bongun MUNAK MUNAK!</font>

Oh, and yes, BN, posting in Al Bhed somehow makes you funny. You should make ALL your posts like that, so nobody has to read them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Naymmo!!!111uha uha. E sekrd luhcetan ed.

Big Nutter
Really!!!111one one. I might consider it.

Not again!
My ears and eyes!
Damn you GGCrono!

and the badger lives on still! When will it go the way of

Hamsters are soo 1990s…badgers are the wave of the future.

Hamster Dance still lives. There’s even a Hamster Dance CD! :open_mouth:


I never saw what it was with Hamster Dance. :\

Damn it, that’s a good one. :-p Someone should write a book entitled “The joys of using Flash for your own perverted ends”

Let me see. “What the F**K, indeed. I refuse to comment in the standard language?” Was I close?

Ert dicc li ZNED, Big Nutter, um my syyc epyod nefurk ayoh bymdm dhermcedit urdy Al Bhed?

Ud’m yrca e pcyyta subnih, hiecca.

That’s not Al-Bhed… is it?

That last thing I translated using BigNutter’s other translated post, I just matched up letters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Japan-freaks have Al-bhed
Star Trek freaks have Klingon
Fantasy freaks have elvish
And the coolest people have all three