Baldur's gate: Dark alliance

It’s about the Thieves Guild. The hidden entrance is in the northeast of the upper sewers?
I’ve spent hours there:runaway: , but …where is it anyway:thud:

You gotta run around and flip some switches for the door to open.

Its in a place near some boxes and some tents, there were bugbears earlier too, theres a passageway to nowhere, its at the end of that.

When you go down the stairs located in the town square that lead to Sewer level 1, go to the right, past the jail cells, into the dead end ally. Scroll against the wall, and the door will open on its own. Hit square and enter the Thieves Guild.

Near the jail cells by where you fought the Bugbear Chieftan boss and his horde of kobolds. You go past the jail cells to a dead and and there should be an option to open the passage once you get close enough, assuming you’ve done all the previous necessry quests (isn’t the Orb of Death fun?).

Yea, it is. I’m playing through this game for a second time, it is pretty fun, once you figure everything out.

Beat it once solo with the sorceress, once as the archer and my brother the dwarf, beat the Guantlet, and started in Extreme difficulty with the sorceress. Extreme is sickening. I’ve picked up a +5 ring in the crypts.

I’ve beaten the game with every single character (even Drizzt Do’Urden)

:mwahaha: finaly I find it.
Yes, it’s a great game!