Baldur's Gate 2.

I’m trying to start again; and making a character who is good with both healing spells, and fighting. I tried multiclassing a half-elf into a Fighter/Cleric, but can’t use swords? Fighter/Druid can’t either, Fighter/Mage can’t have healing spells. Any hints on what I should base my dude on?

Fighter/Druid can use scimitars but any multiclass job will have weapon restrictions based on their classes. Fighter/Cleric would probably be your best bet if you’re looking for fighting and good healing.

Holy shit! He speaks!

The thing is, clerics can’t use any blade weapons; not even knives. Most of the best weapons are swords.

Paladins. Paladins are horribly overpowered in most CRPGs, including BG2. If you want swords, fighting and healing, make a Paladin. Personally I’m more fond of Wild Mages since they’re very powerful, and VERY HILARIOUS.

Also, that’s a lie. There’s an assload of good blunt weapons. Flail of Ages, anyone?

Amusingly enough, I just bought the BG2 collection a few days ago. Didn’t come with the kickass manual and everything though, so I returned it and am hunting the originals down on ebay.

The decision would be between Paladin and Fighter/Cleric. The difference is that the first one can go to higher levels with lower healing skills, while the latter is a good healer but not quite as good a warrior. Either way, the Flail of Ages that TD mentioned is probably the best blunt weapon in the game, and you can in even upgrade it twice in Throne of Baal, so got for Mace proficiency if playing a Cleric-based character.

For the record, I think making the main character a warrior or healer of any kind is a crappy idea.

You see, I usually do make warriors or archers, because they’re easiest to manage. I bought the Shadows of Ahm/Throne of Bhaal collection package, and it didn’t come with a booklet; so I don’t know everything about the game. I haven’t even beaten it; but it’s incredibly fun to just start over, and explore with a new type of character.

Paladin can’t be used with elf/half-elf or whatever; so I have to be a human?

edit; how long is the game? I remember going quite a time (5-6 hours) and still no hint of an ending.

Ok, a little explanation is in order. First of all, the manuals are on the discs, browse around. Then, you should realize that BG2 is a CRPG. They’re kind of their own subgenre of RPGs, with HUGE amounts of playtime, and millions of sidequests. The first dungeon can take you around 3 hours if you’re new to the genre. And expect an assload of replay value from, indeed, rolling new characters.

To this day I haven’t finished it all. I intend to remedy that over the summer. I expect to spend most of said summer on it.

Also, elves are assholes. Roll human >:(

With me, right? :smiley:

Possibly. Thinking of playing through it in singleplayer, as well as a multiplayer campaign.

Jeez a static even in a different game

I meant like, booklet manual. My friend has the original Shadows of Ahm, and it came with softcover manuals, and a map.

Yeah, I know. The BG games had awesome manuals and extra stuff like that, hence why I’m paying a ton more to get a hold of the original versions, instead of the collection. But if you don’t understand something, you can just read the on-disc manual.

Ok, let me explain why making a warrior is not a good idea: You can only customize your character. This is important because many of the available characters to add to your party are multi-classed or dual-classed, which means they are versatile, good at many things, but not exceptional at anything.

Warriors-types are useful, very useful. You need at least two good tanks at all times. These are probably the ones who can get away the most with not being pure (That is, only one class instead of multi/dual). You have plenty of excellent melee fighters to recruit, my personal favorites being Minsc and Valygar. There’s more though.

At least one Healer is absolutely indispensable. Jaheira is good enough at it and she’s not too shabby as a fighter either. Aerie is excellent, and she is extremely versatile. Viconia is the absolute best healer you’ll get in the game. If you are playing human/elf, you’ll want to recruit at least one of them for plot reasons anyway. Oh, and there’s Anomen, but he’s a tremendous dickhead.

You’ve got thieves covered. Jan, Imoen and Yoshino can all do a pretty good job, even if Backstab isn’t as great as say, Annah in PS:T.

And then you’ve got Mages. Hardly useful at the beginning, but a high-level mage is incredibly broken. One mage with some Level 9 spells and below, when intelligently used, can wreck so much havoc it’ll blow your fucking mind. Not to mention the high INT stat is an advantage during conversations, which your main character will probably be handling. And if that’s not enough, you get some skills in ToB that make them even better.

So where do you get good mages? Nalia is a joke, Imoen is only slightly better. Jan is an illusionist specialist, which is crap. Aerie is pretty strong when combining her Mage and Cleric spells, but can’t do high-level stuff. The only real choice is Edwin, but he’s a pain in the ass if you’re not playing Evil, and having him means no Minsc, which is a sacrifice I do NOT advice making.

That’s the gist of it. You can get plenty of good fighters and healers, but the only good choice for a magician is Mr. talking-under-my-breath, who can be real troublesome for someone taking a Lawful Good approach.

Also, if you are interested, I can make up a list of mods I recommend installing. They can expand the gameplay a LOT. Not to mention a fixpack for the myriad bugs that not even the official patch covers.

Everything SE just said is true.

Though watching Edwin and Minsc FIGHT TO THE DEATH is amusing.

Also, SE, what mods do you use? There’s so much stuff you can do with it, jesus christ.

The Main Stuff:
[li]Baldurdash Fixpack (Over SoA+Tob+Official Patch) [/li][li]Weimer Ease-of-Use. A ton of good shit. Exp-Cap enhance included :)[/li][li]Weimer Item-Upgrade. Balanced yet powerful. The Celestial Fire upgrade is godly.[/li][li]Dungeon-B-Gone. Skip the initial dungeon while still getting all the stuff, characters and the dryad nut subquest. Perfect for those like me who’ve been through that hole like a bazillion times.[/li][li]Ashes of Embers. Fun stuff, didn’t bother with the kits and the universal weapons don’t install in my game for some reason.[/li][li]Unfinished Business. Extra quests.[/li][li]DQ Quest Pack. Ditto.[/li][li]Refinements. Touch ups here and there.[/li][li]G3 Tweak Pack. Ditto.[/li]
[li]Oversight. Try to guess.[/li][li]Virtue. More or less the same, but it makes a more logical balance between your goodness and your reputation.[/li][li]Flirt Pack. >.> <.<[/li][li]Banter Pack. “Sometimes I think he [The Slayer] only wants a sandwich”[/li][li]Improved Oasis. Jesus, one whole area for a shitty random encounter. Fix that.[/li][/ul]

Relevant New Characters.
[li]Kelsey. Excellent Sorcerer with voice acting and passable story. You can also download an add-on in which he kills Anomen if you play female. Probably worth it just for that. Also, romanceable for females.[/li][li]Saerileth. Excellent Female Paladin. Comes with unique items and good story, as well as an alternative path to Spellhold. Romanceable for males. She’s fifteen though, but I swear the writers were tactful enough.[/li][/ul]

Relevant But Broken “New” Character.
[li]Solaufein. Stupidly overpowered once you get his special sword. You may also enter into a male-male romance, which is not my thing. And Weimer isn’t the best script-writer I’ve ever seen.[/li][/ul]

Cannon-Fodder New Characters

And that’s only the stuff I’ve tested. I’ve got a lot of minor shit and betas on the line. There’s also a few item packs that I just can’t remember right now.

Viconia. Rocks. If you import your save from BG1, you damn better have given her that Con manual since it helps THIS MUCH.

The Best Mage in the game is “You” because 1. Wish needs Wis and none of your members are wise enough for the better ones. 2. Universal Mage means no sacrificing certain spells which you might need. (2 rebuttal who the hell needs Divination anyway?)

Edwin’s personal quest y’know, the one where he turns into a she and Minsc is smitten with him/her/it made them not take the duel to death…

Getting 'em both in ToB seems to cure the intra-party problems. ESPECIALLY the one with Viconia and Keldorn. I hate that old geezer.

More on ToB: Sarevok makes a nice addition next to Minsc, though Minsc with Armor of Faith soaks up more damage than Ole S. The 18/00 is lovely, though.

My personal favorite is the human Kensai -> Dual @ 7 or 9 to Mage, with Grandmastery in the weapon of your choice, perhaps dualwielding? Shields don’t give you a penalty either…

I just got home from a long trip and don’t really have time to in depth read this right now, but I’ve been playing this game lately and absolutely love it.

I’m having a bit of trouble with ToB though, it just seems so much more linear than the BG1 and SoA. Your characters are hugely overpowered and there are no giant towns to navigate. BG1 went a bit overboard with having to literally walk the length and breadth of the Sword Coast, but ToB feels more like a tactical RPG than anything else so far.

I’m having trouble finishing because I keep wanting to start over with an evil party. I don’t really know who to make my fifth guy though if I take Edwin-Viconia-Korgan-Jan-?. I’m planning to grab you know who in ToB, but still need a 6th until then. None of the neutral characters really grab me since I already used Cernd and the other two look shiity. Is it possible to bring Keldorn in an evil party?

ToB is basically the last stretch in the Bhaalspawn war where everyone is fighting everyone to see who gets the big cake, so the story becomes much more fast-paced and linear. It’s basically a race to see who’s the last one standing.

I’ve never used Keldorn with Edwin, but he has conflicts with Viconia. I’m not sure I can help you here, Yoshino should be enough until Spellhold but afterwards… what was the Tiefling’s name? Have you tried him? Oh, and for the love of God: NEVER USE CERND. God that guy sucks.

Edit: Mabat, you seem to be forgetting True Sight (Divination). My bias against specialists is that all schools have useful spells. Even Illusionists have a few powerful tricks (Simulacrum is awesome) but Jan is never good enough to make real use of them.

Hence making your main character a Universal Mage along with Edwin is a good idea.

I never ever even met Cernd once in the game, Druid, right? O_o; Jaheira is ENOUGH when it comes to my Omnipresent Authority Figuring.