Bahamut Lagoon remake/sequel?

Freaking awesome, whatever it is.

Man. I liked the battle system from BL. The story though just grated on me.

Too srow I guess.

But yeah this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this. Apparently SE already filed a trademark back in early September titled Blood of Bahamut which sounded to me more like a subtitle to me than a new IP. If anything I’m now more convinced that this is for an upcoming sequel to BL ([STRIKE]that or this is the first visions of the long rumored Chrono Break coming to light in the most brilliantly cruel way imaginable[/STRIKE] nevermind).

Edit: Did any of you other Firefox users notice the character sprite in the tab? While not a playable character from BL it does look similar in style.

The optimist in me says that it’s Bahamut Lagoon-related. The aesthetic just REEKS of it.

The cynic in me says that this is gonna be something much lamer than we’re predicting.

When you only know the name, it’s the best time to be elated :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news. I was thinking about BL the other day, after reading the points of Hades about magic. The gameplay was broken in the first few stages -invincible fire dragon!-, but it was still great fun. The last couple stages were significantly less fun as you couldn’t get killed and had to persevere your enemies to death.

There is something to be said for turning cliches on their heads. It turns out you are the wrong side, way above your heads, and as you neglected her, the girl falls for your antagonist who actually talked to her. It grated on me too at the time, but it was better thought out than the save the kindgdom - get a free princess stories.

Good point about the sprite. That definitely points towards a DS game, anyway.

Here we go! Some actual information.

Sadly it doesn’t look as BLish as I would’ve hoped (action/brawler RPG ala LoM?). But it still looks interesting anyway. My guess is that it’s either a sequel or a prequel (or a midquel?).

Also it is indeed for the DS.

From what I’ve seen from the scans, it does look like it’s another “chapter” in the Bahamut series (Well, it’s a series NOW).

Makes me wonder what the hell it’ll be about, considering the ending to the last wasn’t exactly open for a sequel, what with everything solved and Byuu working as world police along with Bahamut.

Looks interesting enough. Read about it yesterday, but was surprised to see pics of it today (and the timer’s not hit monday yet…lol).

If it is a sequel/prequel, I doubt it’ll use the same characters. Likely it’ll be tens or hundreds of years apart from the original.

I loved that game.

I must find my goddamn DS.

Here’s the trailer for it:

Looks alright. Reminds me of something I’ve seen before…I think.

That… didn’t look at all like an RPG, much less an SRPG like Lagoon. Kinda dissapointing, the battle system was the thing I liked the most about the game in the first place.

I feel kind of the opposite, like the combat was the easiest thing to break about Bahamut Lagoon. Granted, it would have been better otherwise, but still.

Is he breaking the island monster thing down? Looks like a kinda lame ripoff of Shadow of the Colossus in that regard.

Incoming details.

I don’t know. 130 missions of wailing on Colossi sounds rather monotonous to me. Plus this is sounding less like a direct sequel and more of a sequel in the sense that the FF games were sequels (at least prior to X-2).

My enthusiasm for this game has dropped a little bit. :frowning:

Thank you for that post. I had not seen the trailer yet. I love all things square and this looks like great game, though I am not sure how close to old one it will be from all that I see. Searching Ebay now for old copy of that game to play again. Anyone know if they made a soundtrack or rips of that Bahamut Lagoon ?

You can download the SPCs from and play them in Winamp.

Dang I know a lot of music sites but that man has tons of the old stuff.

Thank you !

I’ll hope the trailer shows a very early form of the game, but my expectations dropped like the DJIA.