BADWORDing Treasure Box!

What it with that Treasure Box from FFVI? The one you feed coral to. I feed millions of corals, but it won’t let me through. It’s like: “ME WANT MORE!” and I’m like: “IF YOU CAN TALK, YOU CAN WALK! GO IT IT YOURSELF!” Heeeeeeeeelp.

You can satisfy the hungry chest with about 20 to 25 pieces of coral. Be persistent.

I gave the bugger over 40.

You have to feed it all the coral at once, I believe. Do not leave the dungeon until you do so. Feed it about 25 to sate it’s hunger.

Originally posted by DanteCole
I gave the bugger over 40.

Did you give the pieces to the chest all at once or in small amounts? I think that you need give the chest one large helping on coral.

I gave it a large helping. That didn’t work. Then I did small amounts. That didn’t bloody work.

40 in one helping?


Wow, that is one greedy chest. I only had to give it something in the range of 15-25 pieces. Try feeding it 41 and keep working up.