Who is the most badass antagonist or protagonist you can think of, and for what reason?

Man, I was hoping this was a “whose the biggest bad ass at rpgc” and then I could so raise my hand.

But no. Crono is easily the biggest bad ass.

Indiana Jones
cuz he like kills bad guys and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Protagonist: Pre-revolution Kenshin.
Antagonist: Sephiroth

Biggest badass, Pacman. He eats his fucking enemies, their even ghosts, so the planes of existance mean nothing to him. Pacman is a god in his own right.

Biggest Ass, That bishonen guy with long silver hair and all the clones and that big rock that he made fall on the planet… What was his name…?

Shit, I forgot… Akuma is the most badass of all games ever, what was I thinking… Christ.

Bad ass bad guy is definitly Sephiroth 'cause he’s got the whole, long, silver hair and long katana thing going for him. Also he’s totally, insanely evil :fungah: .
Bad ass good guy is probably Aragorn from LoTR the book again the sword counts in his favour. Also he’s sort of rugged and hard. He’s also pretty intelligent. Him or Gandalf who has the weird sort of magic.

Except that’s not Sephiroth, as the real Seph dies in Nibelhelm or whatever that little town in the boondocks is called. Jenova’s Sephiroth clone is just driven and mindless, a pretty crappy antagonist if I’ve ever seen one.

I kinda like Kefka’s insanity, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing and enjoyed every moment of destruction he could bring, simply because he COULD. That was a villain you really could love to hate.

My list of badasses?there are quite a few,here’s some in no especific order:

3:Aoshi Shinomori (Rurouni Kenshin)
4:Laharl (What? I think he is)

there’s a few more but can’t seem to come to mind i will post them later.

The Dark Hadou is one with you… Yes… this is most excelent…

Antagonist: Kefka, no comparison to any other antagonist, IMO.
Protagonist: Auron. He’s not a main character, but Auron is just dripping with ass-kickery, and his coolness was never ruined by some weird weak emotional drivel, like almost every other character in almost every other game. Maybe Dante from Devil May Cry, since he not only kicks ass, but packs guns.

for protagonist I will say someone female and it is… Etna she was really badass with that spear and her sarcasm.

For antagonist Gades because he always seems to whoop your ass at least once.

Ah, Sephiroth didn’t actually die, he just went insane. And evil. And he did seem to enjoy most of the killing. Although Kefka is also really good at been bad. But I still prefer Seph.

No, the real Seph died in the Lifestream, what you chase during the entire game is simply a Jenova cell-made clone.

Tie between Magus and Auron for most badass.


'cause there’s nothing more badass than a blue and red guy in a thong that ressurects if he has a full super bar.

He also knows how to make the sun burns hurt real bad… real bad…

No, while he was in the lifestream he didn’t die, he began to merge with it, only he couldn’t do it completely, so he had to summon meteor. I think he may have come out near the Temple of the Ancients and that’s how he first learned about the Black Materia.

No, Sephiroth died, and Jenova used some part of his body to rebuild him as a clone. Why do you think you see Sephiroth so many times? It’s not the real him, and it’s not the real Sephiroth clone that was first made by Jenova. He never leaves his prison in the crater or whatever. He just manipulates his clones (made by Hojo) to do everything for him.

I never said you were chasing after him, only that he didn’t die. I mean you see loads of those clone things like the one who disappears in the crater after killing the other clones. I know he was stuck there for the game, but how did he learn about the Black Materia in the first place. This is just my interpretation and could be completely wrong but we’ll not know unless someone asks Square. Are you going to do that?

Wasn’t it stated? And besides, Cidolfas has nearly every FF story and details written up on his website and those facts that Sephiroth did die, was stated there, and he’s very efficient when it comes to writing down the stories. Sephiroth as a normal person could not survive getting impaled on his own sword. He knew about the black materia because he became Jenova when he/she saved him. One could argue that Sephiroth isn’t really Sephiroth, but in fact Jenova since the thing did save him and is his motive for everything he does in the game.