Bad News

Since I know some of you pretty well, I thought I owed it to you to tell you guys this, so sorry if you’re not someone who wanted to know/gives a fuck and read this hoping it was a political article link or whatever.
Earlier today, results from tests done a few weeks ago came back (actually, I believe they came back very late yesterday, and I was notified today), and I’ve been diagnosed with Lymphoma. For various reasons, I won’t be undergoing much formal treatment, and probably will still choose not to even if symptoms worsen.
My chances are estimated to be pretty good, given that Lymphoma is one of the more survivable cancers and I’m in extremely good physical health, otherwise. Wish me luck, anyway, though, since Good Luck’s rad to have, regardless of the situation.

Given that you have hotblood and a fighter’s spirt, proven by blocking someone’s fist with your face, I’m sure you’ll pull though.

Kill yourself now and spare your self all the torture and agony that will over come you before your ultimate demise.

I mean, you’ll be fine. Hang in there duder.

Sorry to hear that, Arac. You’ve got a strong will, so I think you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Arac, I don’t know what to say when shit like this happens. Speedy recovery? I wish you a better health?
Oh, fuck that. Come here – I’ll just give you a hug.

why dont you go smoke a blunt about it

just kidding, that sucks and i hope you don’t die! i used to think you sucked but i was just kidding. you’re a cool guy and thats a real shame. feel free to call me anytime if you need to talk or whatever (484 338 0470). 8)

e: how do you not know you have lymphoma if its bad enough that you can’t be treated o_O? weren’t you in pain?

Hey – I’m not one of the people who knows you very well, but I’m really hoping you get better. Best of luck with everything.

Good luck Arac!

That seriously sucks, man. Hope you manage to pull through; sweet luck and hang on tightly.

Talk to me in PMs.


Man, I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope you pull through alright. Good luck.

Like Epic said, you’re a tough guy. You’ll be fine. Don’t make me start posting inspirational pictures of kittens. Hang In There, Baby.

Don’t think I won’t! shakes fist

If you die, I’m gonna kick your fuckin’ ass, got it?

If it isn’t too personal, why are you avoiding the ‘standard’ treatments?


Geez, that’s horrible. I hope you get better, no dying allowed.

Good luck. Don’t just survive the cancer only to lose to the flu. Surviving is a 100% thing.

Time to start up a RPGC deadpool.

Thanks for your message before… you’ll be in my thoughts. At least a little luck always helps too. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you really need to get well as much as you can, or it’s going to take forever for all these people to kick your ass. Plus, they need to save the money they’d spend traveling to do just that on nerd gear like those Wii mods.
(PS, SG hits like a little wimpy girl.)

As someone who has lost several relatives to cancer, and who went through his own cancer scare once, I can understand your situation, Arac. I don’t get why you don’t want treatment, but it’s up to you whether you want to explain it or not. I just want you to know, I hope you overcome it and live many more years.