Back to my roots :-)


First console I ever owned after the age of 4 was a Master System, and today I played my first non-emulated game in 12 years. It was The Ninja, which ironically was one of the first MS games I played first time round. :slight_smile:

Aside from the obvious games such as the Wonderboy series and the Sonic series, are there any particular gems I should look out for on this most noble of systems?

Can you really solve a rubiks cube in 90 seconds?

I thought Sonic didn’t come around until the Genesis?
Anyway, Spellcaster was a cool proto-RPG, and Phantasy Star is a classic.

Sonic first came out on the Genesis. Then they released some port (with additions somehow) to the Master System.

And Rubik’s Cubes are solveable in 90 seconds if you plan out your moves before you try it. I believe the world record is now 11 seconds.

Just to confirm

I dont know anything about sega :smiley:

I know various algorithms to set all the layers in position. provided I don’t have a heavy cube that sticks, 90 seconds is more than feasible. I once did a 2x2x2 cube in under 30 seconds. :slight_smile:

…BACK on topic, I’d forgotten about Phantasy Star, even though I have got the collection for the GBA, and I’ll check out Spellcaster, cheers Cid!

Yeah. He set the world record in some Rubik’s Cube competition. Too bad he still lost the match. It was a Best of Five series.

For the Master System I’d recommend

Alex Kidd in High Tech World - Its a combination of part platformer part side scrolling rpg

Golden Axe Warrior - Bascially a Zelda clone although some might argue its actually better than the original Zelda

Y’s - The Vanished Omens - Needs no explanation

Well, actually what happened is Sonic originally came out on the Genesis, then an 8-bit version of Sonic was produced. The “8-bit” version that was released on the Master System is the same game as the Game Gear version that Americans are more familiar with (the Game Gear and Master System have nearly identical hardware). Ditto with Sonic 2 and the rest. So really, the Master System Sonic games aren’t really ports of the Genesis series, they’re just the same as their Game Gear counterparts.

Anyway, I want to second Golden Axe Warrior. That game is like a beefed up version of the original Zelda. Check out Golvellius while on the subject of Zeldaish games. Shinobi’s good too. Some people like Miracle Warriors (RPG), but I couldn’t get into it. The Phantasy Zone series is good, and Rastan’s a classic. And I’ve always liked Time Soldiers, but your mileage may vary. And of course, R-Type is on the Master System too.