Back from Wisconsin

It’s late so I’ll make this short (I’ll post more details later). Anyway, it’ll really blew out there and the Marine Corps screwed me repeatedly. Just two more weeks and I can be a nasty civilian again.

Lots of cheese in Winsonsin.


All righty, I’ll tell you guys some of what happened out there. It really sucked, first thing that happened was miss communication about what time I had to be there, so I was little late, but still made my flight out there. I was part of the “advance party,” which basically means I get out there early and help set things up. I only got there a couple of hours earlier than the company though. However, when I got there they didn’t know what I doing out there so early and they didn’t tell me how I was getting to base from the airport or where to go on base. I got lucky since there was a shuttle that went to the base and as I was waiting for the shuttle, I was picked up by my unit. Another bad thing was that I got put on “radio watch.” My first watch I missed since my platoon sergeant told me the wrong time. It was stupid having me on it since I had a radio guy with me on my shifts and he pretty much did what little work there was to do, which meant I pretty much just sat around and watched TV for 4 hours. The field just sucked this time too. Only one day was cool and it was ruined after I made a phone call. We went to this range and did a life fire move and shoot sort of thing (I was kicking ass on it). It was ruined though by finding out that a friend of mine went out with this girl I liked and had met the night before I left for Wisconsin. This left a stigma on the rest of the time there. My unit also took me off of the list to go to Georgia since I was in Wisconsin (which is their fuck up, bastards), so I had to register for school, which was difficult to do out there. Also, I was suppose to get back on Tuesday, but we finished our work early and so they sent us back yesterday (most of the battalion left on Friday). It also seemed like every other day we were on tornado watch. One day I even had armory watch (which meant walking around outside with live rounds) and it was just pouring like no other, so that was a lot of fun…Anyway, I’ll post more stories later.