back from the grave

haven’t posted on your board in over a year
not much has changed
i talk to charlemagne and sg on messenger - kool dudes
sometimes go over to flintedges house (og name) … laugh at random rpgc memories
my best memories of rpgc are the chat room convos when like half the peeps in there were my friends in my hometown like meaghan, tyler, phil, me, alison and like a few other random people kicking it… those were the days… and when one of us would come in the chat, according to our ip, they couldn’t tell who was who
also, meeting eden99 in vancity

but yeah… i know who u gangsters are. u might not know who i am… but i definitely know who u are.

if we go down to cali for a get together, we can all get together and chill… flint and i gotta rep canada. i won’t be able to go to the casino yet since i’ll still be 20 (do u have to be 21 to drink in the states??) but yeah we can get the drinking going on and mack some ladies

i still want to challenge SG to cvs2.

question for u rpgc folk. what do u do on these get togethers? maybe you could show some canadians a good time and check out some places in cali. we can have like a comp… me and infonick can go shot for shot. whoever passes out on the floor first loses… then we can post it on the net for all to see. what do u say biatch?

dayum… i’m too old skool rpgc. all ye noobs bow down before me.

good game peace out

Hello person with vaguely familiar name. Bet you don’t know me either, hah. Heres a thread about the latest gathering. You could also ask Sg and Charlemagne what happened at the meets, I’m pretty sure they were at both.

We pretty much so just hang out and play video games and hacky-sack at the meet…well, at least the one I went to. There wasn’t much going outside due to it being 9000º F…we should’ve fried stuff on the sidewalk. ^^

omfg stfu noob! rofllolz

lolz, I bow dwn to ma masta u r so oldsk00lz lol

rofl ur so 1337 tel m3 abut rpgc u so oldsk00lz roflmao

u shuld use spewwing nd grmma in ur postz

u cn drnk? omg u so awesum u crzy drnking person i cant drink yt im to yung lolz

rofl u so cool i wanna b lik you and Macc wiv lemons LOLZ

Right, who are you again?

No! Not an other Welcome Speech…

Relax 2k, This doesn’t qualify for one. So… Hello, Nutter And Crew welcome you back to RPGC, The Place that has no exits cos you’ve proved that you can’t leave.

Big Nutter
I wonder if Nogamo will do a parade in your Honour!

Hey. I kind of remember you. Welcome back.

>_< Why do all the gatherings have to be on the west coast? We should have an east coast gathering. I volunteer Maz to house us all.

Lastly, ignore the people who are being rude to you in this thread. They’re just gigantic

Lastly lastly. Seriously, stupid west coast getting all the attention.

I don’t know you but welcome back.

:kissy: yeah

Finally, someone who feels the same way I do.

As for our returning RPGCer, I vaguely remember you, so welcome back!

I, too, remember you…vaguely.

And yeah, we need an east coast meet. We’d have Merl. :smiley: