Back from Indiana

WARNING, this post may contain information that can Induce a condition Dr. Videospirit likes to call information overload, symptoms include nausea, dizziness, confusion, or severe migrains

Wow, hard to imagine how it could get much worse.

Okay first off the drive down was miserable. We left home at midnight and I was already abotu ready to pass out but wasn’t comfortable enough since my niece was in her carseat on the left of me leaning on my shoulder and my uncle who has a feading tube because of cancer and cannot be layed on was on my right and I had no space in the middle. The pillow I’d brought was about 4 inches thick and could not fit anywhere so that didn’t help me either. so 6 hours later, I haven’t slept for almost 24 hours and my brains starting to wander to how everyone else in the car except the two drivers has already fallen asleep and I had to smother my face in my pillow to stop myself from crying. Man at least the travelling at night made it so the temperature was bearable in that car. Also Michigan roads suck horribly, Canada has better dirt roads than michigans paved roads. The michigan public washfrooms were also all horrible, I mean even our beat down water stained wall hole in the roof crap washrooms toilets don’t look disgusting enough that I have to cover the rim in toilet paper to take a crap.

Now, shortly after arriving at the motel in plymouth indiana we had just gotten our rooms and thrown our stuff in when we get news that the car my grandma, step sister/cousin, aunt/sister’s mother, and niece/2nd cousin, got into a car accident on the way there and all 4 of them are in a hospital in kalamazoo Michigan, which had decent washrooms by the way.

So Off goes my mother and step dad to visit them leaving me alone at the motel. In regards to the accident my sister was driving when she pulled out to pass the truck in front of her just as the truck in front of her got the bright idea to pass the car in front of it. The truck drove the tracker they were in off the road into the ditch where it rolled 4 times. My sister is still down in kalamazoo with a severe kneck wound, she’s not paralyzed but there is a gap in her spinal column. My granda and aunt got out of it with a few broken bones and made it to the wedding in wheelchairs, and my niece had a few bumps and bruises but is pretty much completely fine now, she was alseep in her car seat and thinks she just fell down the hill.

So My mother stayed with my sister and is still there now and everyone else made it to the wedding. Well they were all there I was pretty upset and wiped my thoughts clean with hooking up my ps2 and playing my shiny new wild Arms 3 that I got for $10 at zellers for a couple of hours.

When we got to the wedding, there were only a few problems with the wedding itself but it otherwise went pretty smoothly and aside from an extreme amount of stress induced by the being short 1 car due to the accident and not fitting everyone at some points the rest of the weekend went pretty well. I had a reading at the wedding and when I went up to read it, having had no chance to practise it we looked in the booklet for the reading and it wasn’t there, “Alright your reading is D-11”… “D-10, F-1… Okay fine read D-8 instead.”
No one seemed to notice, meaning I wasn’t the only onwe who had no idea what I was supposed to read ahead of time.

In regards to wild arms 3, the game is much better than Suikoden IV and FF X-2 which are the only other ps2 games I’ve played. The search system can be a pain in the ass sometimes, the world map cameras are annoying, and some other minor aspects of the game annoy me but it still rocks. I think I’m in a volcano looknig for a dragon right now, have a migrant level of 9 and ecn gauge of 40.

The sandcraft battles are all pathetic though, I saved up all my fossils for an ark Smasher now All I do is move to advantageous position and then fire all ammo at once, dead enemy.

I’m glad you had such a wonderful time.

Ouch. The wedding was still fun though, right?

Wild Arms 3 is a great game. I regret not having the time or motivation to get into it more than I did.

welcome back!