Yo Varan. Welcome back, it’s been kinda boring around here recently, but maybe you can stir something up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am new here,but welcome back.

<strike>I’ll never be able to get over how sexy your avatar is</strike> Welcome back, Mike!

I usally play agaist people, and we’ll stir up a storm.

Big Nutter
(seen as Yar is “very angry little man” i’ll do my “Vash”- I am known as Michael Angelo Monsoon Mochá da-Kaze (Someone farts) Ian Nutter Lloyd Andrew McBeth Du Bent Sharpe, The Forty-second)

Welcome back Varan! I knew you couldn’t leave us forever though. It’s a known fact: Once you join, you can’t leave permanently.

Indeed, once you arrive, you never truly leave. Yes i’m the guy who was asking about people on the East Coast a while back, and no I haven’t gone to Fort Polk yet, not until August. Nulani, sorry for the whole 3 month thing, it’s just that every once in a while i’ll get to get online and then i’ll be like, gone again:P As for right now, i’m already having computer issues, damn thing keeps freezing, so i’ll just keep coming over to my friend’s computer and log on using his. No chat room, but at least the message board is still my friend, haw!