Back after 4 years with a new name...

Hey all, this is Arcticknight, well at least I was when I was 16, I haven’t worked or posted here for 4 years… after Jimmy fired me I was a bit bitter, but I still checked out the page often, I’m 20 now and I understand why jimbo fired me and I thought I’d just say hi to those who remember me.

Hi, I remember you, you called me an asshole, and I’ve never forgotten! >:(

Haha, Charl… you devil, you!

Make a shrine and rejoin! :smiley:


Hi…yeah, I haven’t been here even a year but, welcome back!

I don’t now who you are…but Hello and welcome back! :wave:

See Makko’s and Kiro’s, but hello.

Whenever I say something about RPGC from that back in time some people say there was no RPGC back then, there was only EZ Board or something. This must be related to excessive ToB abuse from either me or them.

Dude. Its been a long fucking time. Wb :stuck_out_tongue:

These boards only go back to January of '02… and I think I recognize your name of ArcticKnight from the Ezboards, although it could just be me hallucinating.

<img src=“”> Hello Skullatio, I am glad you decided to return to RPGC. I never met you before, but have heard about your work in the RPGC History page. You should make a new shrine, maybe get back in the Dragon Quest game by making a Dragon Warrior Monster shrine or something. Below is a link to the history page with you in it.

Yeah, I read about you in the history page. Welcome back.

Skullatio? Dude, you have the coolest name here. You are insta-cool.

Welcome again, even though I have no clue who you are.

For some reason your name sounds familiar I think I remember seeing it when I first found this site. Anyways welcome back.

I’m post-EZBoard forum, so I don’t know ya. Hi, anyways. ^^

Welcome (back) to hell.

Thanks for all the welcome backs guys, well hopefully I can fit a shrine into my schedule, I’ll have to make sure I can maintain before I make a commitment this time tho, see yall around

Hello Skullatio, I wasn’t around during EZboard forum days, so nice to meet ya. ^^