Baby's First Mythos

Admit it. Most of you will be buying this for your future children.

Pssh…I’d buy that for myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Probably not. I’d most likely buy it for my baby sister.

Cool! I’ll give it to my 5-year-old godson who’s just beggining to learn how to read!

I want one! :smiley:

I’d get one for me, and if I did ever want kids I’d read it to them at night.

Sod future childen, I want that.

Yeah, my kids would have that after I got to it :smiley:

Dude. This is awesome.

Wrong! I plan to write my OWN childrens books.

I already have the title and story for my first great work. It is going to be entitled “The little Communist that Could!” =D I was subtly attack capitalism and brainwash children aganst their brainwashing civilization! It’s perfect! PERFECT!

And yes, I want one of those and will give it to the mother of the next baby shower I attend. (Which will be never since I am well known for hating children… ironic that I plan to write childrens books. I am much like Seuss in that way.)