Say hello to my Son, Jayden =D

Congratulations! And good luck! >.>;

GZ, and good luck with the kid

How much will you sell it for?

how is babby formed

Congratulations. Why the name Jayden?

Congratulations! He is precious. :smiley:

(984, you did not just say that)


Because it’s uncommon unlike run of the mill names like Adam, John, Chris, Bob, Mike, etc.

So I’ve only met 1 Jayden and he wasn’t an asshole so that’s a 100% ratio so far :wink:

His middle name is Shigeru, which means successful and it’s also a nod to my grandfather Shigeyoshi.

Well excuuuuuuuuse me, princess. j/k : D

Congrats on the birth on your child!

Adam Lankford


Aww, I thought you’d named him after Han Solo’s son. :wink:

Still, “Jayden Shigeru” rocks as a name!

Your baby is very cute. I hope for nothing but health and happiness for him and your family. :slight_smile:

Cute baby is too cute. Want to cuddle.

Kudos to you man.

Ooooh, you picked Age of Wonders music! Nice choice!

Cute toddler too. >_>;

A tiiiiiiiiiny person!

Adorable tiny person!

Halfling music = baby music right?


So cute!
I can hardly believe my son was ever that teensy and delicate.
My fiance and I watched it and he told our baby-in-the making (s)he better be that cute! I’m even more anxious now for the next 33 weeks to go by so I can have a little baby again!
Congrats! Even the name is cute!

How cute. Congratulations.

He’s adorable, congratulations are in order!