Baby used as weapon in domestinc dispute,,-6136349,00.html

Baby suffers fractured skull and intracranial bleeding. Mother arrested.

Fucking women.

Couldn’t she just use inanimate objects to hit her boyfriend with like a normal dysfunctional parent?

Ought to swing her worthless ass into a brick wall.

I’m speechless.

That’s a new one. She should’ve used a lamp, it would’ve done more damage to her boyfriend ( and significantly less to the baby. )

What the fuck…

I live in Erie county and know the family. Ive always hated her. She is insane.


I’m surprised no one’s quoted this yet, but…

Ow! Right in the soft spot!

Ahem. Yes, I’m horrible. Seriously though, it is fucking insane that something like this would happen.

Can’t she use a baseball bat like normal people?

This’ll all blow over when they find out it wasn’t really a baby, just Elton John after he was hit by a shrinking ray. It’s okay to use eccentric musicians as clubs.

The notion of hitting a baby with a cat seems a little less funny now.

She needs to be kept away from children. And possibly the rest of society too.