Baby Bang experiment could open door to new dimension

I agree, didn’t say I agreed with that theory, it would be cool, but there is not likelyhood that its true.

Rhaka, sorry dude, but when you get to be in your thirties and forties and are locked up in your house like Quasimodo you have to act young, or you’ll end up thinking your old and senile. Like my older brother whose only three years older than I am and complains as each year passes him by. I refuse to be some goober who sits in a rocker with a thousand cats and has a vacant stare.


I hope it explodes on them when they turn it on.

That’ll take us with them you retard.

Here’s an idea, do something with your life.

Three dimensions known to mankind? What are those

The three known spatial dimensions which are height, width and depth. Basically, in our three-dimensional reality, you can only move up/down, left/right, forwards/backwards or in any combination of those three.

There’s also Time, which is considered sometimes as the Fourth Dimension.

I do, dude. I’m a writer. Of course I’m disabled, have a bit of cerebal palsy, and asperger syndrome so I can not leave the house I grew up in or my parents. I can not see things unless I’m right on top of them, have partial immediate reflexs, which means I can’t drive, and I physically get ill under extreme stress, so I can not get most normal jobs.

Thus I can do what I can with my life, and what I am not able to do, I can’t.

So if this works, would they be creating baby universes? If so, the MIB is right.

Not much of a chance though. If it did explode then at least they’d regret it. -_-

And I highly doubt that it could take out the entire world, just by slamming protons together really fast or whatever; it would probably just put a decent sized crater in the earth.

We’re not talking about something as commonplace and simplistic as an explosion, this is creating miniature focus of supergravity with an unimaginable amount of heat concentrated into a spot so freaking tiny I don’t even know what the measurements are. I hardly believe that machine could create something big enough to cause any relevant effect on the real space, but if you are talking of an scenario in which this things backfires, you’d be thinking of an OHSHITTHEBLACKHOLESEATINGTHEPLANET kinda scenario.

I thought Height and Width were the first two, and time was the third?

Nope. Until Einstein and his peers proposed the idea of time-space, the three dimensions were width, height, and depth. Depth is generally considered the third. That’s why a 3D drawing adds depth to make the object sorta pop out.

I don’t actually know in what order Height and Width are. Depth is obviously the Third when you consider what the term 3D is in comparison to 2D, and I’m absolutely sure time is often considered the Fourth.

EDIT: 984 beat me to it.

Ah right, for some reason i was thinking depth was width. Goddamn I’m tired :C

you’re not alone in that!

The order of dimensions is arbitrary, since they cannot be distinguished. If you rotate your frame of reference 90 degrees they switch places with no difference. And which direction is height anyway? Up and down? But that depends on your frame of reference.

You know if the barriers of time and space are torn asunder, and weird things like aliens/demons/monsters/alt reality lawers start destroying the world do you think some agnsty teen with improbable hair and a learning disablity will all of a sudden wake up, and realize that he must save the world, then he meets some weird chick with special powers/a magical pendant/a roll of duct tape that can make things all better who is also a princess of somewhere and they form a band to save the universe?

Of course there’s that evil corperation/cult/aliens/genetically altered madman/vulcans that just happened to be passing through the solar system thats bent on awakening some ancient evil, or aquireing ultimate power, or well you sould get the point by now.

I don’t know, there always used to be one at the time. Then all of them suddenly disappeared.

Well, I don’t really believe it would backfire. I’m just surprised nobody else has complained about it.

They are dealing with anti-matter of course it could backfire, we know very little about the stuff, except anti-matter mixed with matter makes a very big poof! And lots of dead bodies.