If you havent tried one, you dont know what you’re missing! Fuckin delicious!


hastily crawls out the back door

Look at that plump, juicy little baby. tell me it doesnt make your mouth water.

I like baby hippos myself ;p

<img src=“”> They’ll even cure cancer and acne! So have a baby you cancerous pizza-faced <b><i>mutant!</b></i>

:too bad; that was uncalled for, wahhhh

The thing is, all we got around here are some UGLY babies. Do they still work?

Only if you eat them whole and raw. Which you should only do if you’re really really hungry. What you want to do is take like a knife and strip the flesh from the bones. maybe dip it in batter then deep fry it. you can pretty much replace any meat with baby, in like any recipe. my favorite it lemon baby in fried rice. or baby and waffles.

It doesnt matter what the baby looks like when its alive. you dont want skinny ones, they’re all stringy and gross. you want a plump one.


But Charlemagne, if I eat ALL the babies then I won’t have anybody to grow up and work in my salt mines!

How can I tell which are best for eating and which will be the best workers?

Hahaha, CC, ok, 1-2 years are for eating, ok? they’re just like any food, they have an experation date. 3-10, you use them to sew cheap wallets and what not, in your sweat shop. 10-18 salt mines, by this age they are strong enough to work goodly. and as for the females age 10-18… well, more babies need to come from somwhere.

[smashes in through the wall next to the door] Nyar har har harley harl harl! The Tower of Babel will rise again!!

… Excuse me while I get my sniper rifle.

This thread reminded me of all those disgusting dead baby jokes I’ve heard in high school. I think I’ll restrain myself from posting any.

Oh yeah.
And we’re talkin’ REAL baby back ribs…

Alles klar, herr kommissar?

Originally posted by Trillian
Alles klar, herr kommissar?

… En ingles, por favor.

Don’t turn around, oh oh oh!
Der Kommissar’s in town, oh oh oh!


I was wondering if someone might mention that song. Bah I’m gonna Wang Chung tonight instead ;p :moogle:

Silly girl. You can’t Wang Chung tonight! Dance Hall Days are over.

SOVIET PUNISHMENT! hammer and sickles GSM to death

me now plays some Tetris*

*the soviet mind game