B vs K #2

Let’s go, children.

The thing that most stands out in my mind was Bush’s attitude. He seemed to get really worked up, and even some what pissy sounding at times. Like he was over emotional or PMSing or something. I didn’t think he was near as calm as Kerry was.

Kerry owned him… :bowser:

Kerry seemed to skirt the issues. When asked a question, he would invariably take the first few moments to insult Bush (it didn’t matter what the topic was, he had to get some cheap shots in). He would spend the rest of his time basically saying that “he has a plan”, rarely explaining what the plan was (or not explaining it well enough). Bush was guilty of both of these things too, but I think Kerry was the worse transgressor.

Kerry seemed calm, but he also seemed very unclear with what he was trying to convey. Perhaps a bit of uncertainty? It seems to me that Kerry is focusing all his energy on trying to explain why we shouldn’t vote for Bush. It’s pretty sad that somebody who wants to be leader of the free world is trying to convey the message that he should be elected just because he’s better than the other guy. And Bush was “worked up” (to use Epic’s terminology) because he was much more confident in this debate than he was in the first debate. Although I’ll admit that it appeared Kerry did get under his skin a few times, but dirty politics (WHICH BOTH CANDIDATES ARE GUILTY OF) can have that effect on people.

To the issues. As I expected, I agreed with Bush on the topics of Stem Cell research and Abortion. I’d probably agree with Kerry on Iraq if he wasn’t so vague on the subject (I’m not sure what exactly he’s going to do… but at this point, it’s probably better than what Bush is doing). And I’m skeptical of Kerry’s plan for the economy (I’m not sure how he’s going to halve the deficit without raising middle class taxes at all… but I do know that he “has a plan”), but I’m not exactly happy with what Bush is doing with the economy either…

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, Kerry won the first debate, and Bush won the second debate. The final debate should be interesting.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Bush-bashing, already in progress

I managed to catch this one. Yay internet Air America radio! :smiley:

I think Kerry was a lot more uncertain about some of the questions and vague with his answers, and Bush was a lot more shrill and some of his answers didn’t make sense. I think this was a tentative victory for Bush.

Although I love how Bush comments on; ‘the draft rumours on the internets’. XD

The thing that stood in my mind was that Bush was not willing to admit a mistake. A woman asked him what THREE THINGS he has done in office he has seen as his biggest mistakes, and he just went off on how the War on Iraq was not a mistake (which was not the issue). Unfortunately, instead of Kerry siezing the opportunity, he went “nuh uh- was too a mistake.”

And yet, Kerry did swear a solemn oath that he would not raise taxes for the lower class- just as the person said. Unfortunately, like Bush’s daddy, this means Kerry just essentially said “read my lips” (for low and middle income earners, at least).

And for the record, ABC said that Bush’s lumber company DOES exist (we’ll see if that’s true, though).

Once again Kerry manages to remain calm and levelheaded in his stances despite the accusations of flip-flop while Bush, a little more solid than before, still puts neo-con emotions into the fray. Kerry however didn’t seem as fully confident as he was before while Bush…well he was just Bush. However, a little stage fright won’t really affect my vote for John. Bad news for Bush, perhaps a little more hope for Kerry.

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When is politics EVER exciting?

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When you seek moral aggrandizement by bragging about how cool you are for repsecting the sanctity of life by pretending you have a say in who should win an election that will influence the lives of millions of people you will never lay eyes on.

Question: Is anyone actually ever affected by these debates? I mean real vote-swinging affected? When I was listening they were broadcasting over a nightclub’s screens (Crowbar or something) and it sounded like no-one cared about what the pre- and after-debate commentators were saying (unless, of course, the draft was mentioned).

Shit man, the primaries used to be hella fun. Like when Polk won the Democratic nomination after being the dark horse candidate. Took like 7 votes before he was chosen. Then, in recent times, I thought the Clinton Impeachment and 2000 election were exciting, mostly because we got see rarely employed Constitutional stuff come into play. Sure, it was partisan as hell, but I still thought it was exciting.

I think that the point here is that it is United States Election time, and for those of us who live in US are thinking this is a big deal. I realize that for you foreign commies who are trying to subvert our very way of life, this is no big deal, but to us, it does matter. I personally feel that it should matter to the rest of the world at least a little also, because it determines whether you have to deal with further foreign incursions into your personal privacy or if you have a giant penis with a chin trying to be all buddy buddy with you and pretend that he likes everyone around the world.

Back to the debate theme, I’ve gotta say that both Candidates pissed me right the fuck off. The only redeeming moment in the debate for either (in my opinion) was when Bush was attacking Kerry about not supporting an anti-abortion bill, and Kerry replied that :hint: laws arent as simple as the one line title that they are known for.

Kerry tried to support this statement, but unfortunately:

1- Kerry sucks at speaking to the lowest common denomenator
2- Bush is the lowest common denomenator (or plays the role well), and is thus VERY good at speaking to others on that level (i.e. most of the US populace)
3- Most people are two stupid/influenced by the polarity of the media to understand that there are good and bad parts of most any bill, and that voting no for a bill does not mean that you are against the principal, but does mean that you are against the application of said principal, and thus saw Kerry as being a weasel in is response.