Axes and where did they go??

i just realised this, not to long ago but from ff VII and up (excluding 11) no character used an axe! whys that, i have no idea?? well this thread was just to let you realise why did the axes have to go??? i guess it’s a mystery:thinking:

No, it’s not. Axes belong in medieval settings, like the first six games, but the remaining ones aren’t in a classic “fantasy” setting any more, and hences axes would be extremely out of place. The possible exception is FF9, but none of its characters would really “fit” using an axe.

Cloud used a stupidly shaped axe.

But other characters use swords, spears and lances. How are those weapons less dated than axes?

There’s just something about swords and spears that seem a bit more… timeless, nostalgic than Axes. Which isn’t to say I don’t miss axes. Nothing like swinging a weapon that isn’t really about slicing and penetrating so much as it is “Holy SHIT it has a lot of force behind that swing.”

I miss axes. They should make a character in one of the future FF games a barbarian or viking. That would kick ass! :enguard:

Or a Lumberjack!

He could say something like “here let me axe you a question” and then hit someone with an axe.

Axes went out of usage because they proved inneffective against heavy armor, required too much room to swing and had a tendency to kill your allies in the process due to the swing. Swords could be used for thrusting and so could spears, allowing tighter ranks. That’s why they were phased out long long ago by non-barbarian hordes, Roman footsoldiers never used em other than for treecutting.

Now in RPGs, I’m guessing they went out of style in SOME, but they tend to appear here and there for the ‘slow but strong’ character type when he’s not using swords that would make Zweihanders look puny. There was the FF9 chick as Cid mentionned, but other than that I got nothing, they just did not fit in the setting.

Barret should have had an axe-gun-arm in FF7.

FFXI = lots of Axes (1-handed) and Great Axes (2-handed).

Axes haven’t really seemed like much of a mainstay FF weapon though.
FF1 only had 4 axes, same with FF3 and FF4. FF5 had a bunch, FF6 only really had Locke’s weirdo throwing axes, and from then on they just kind of vanished.

I was under the impression that axes became popular again, along with warhammers, precisely because they were more effective against heavy armour than swords. The cutting edge of the sword simply could not effectively pierce the armour, becoming almost entirerly a thrusting weapon, along with spears. Axes and warhammers could deal massive blunt trauma straight through the armour.

As I understand it, swords (at least medieval swords) weren’s designed so much for piercing and slashing heavy armor, but instead to cause internal damage to the enemy. I don’t know, my sister knew more about it than me.

I obviously can’t verify this, but I’ve heard that swords weren’t used much at all. They were carried by nobility as status symbols, and were pretty worthless in battle compared to spears and bows. Even the primary weapon of the Japanese wasn’t the katana.

As I understand it, swords (at least medieval swords) weren’s designed so much for piercing and slashing heavy armor, but instead to cause internal damage to the enemy. I don’t know, my sister knew more about it than me.
I’m not saying you are, but try not to think of anything in history as static. Medieval arms and armor coevolved over hundreds of years. Weapons kept getting better to beat new armor, and armor kept getting tougher to stop new weapons. Not everything just sprang into existance at once. Different eras called for different innovations. As time passed, some weapons and some armor became obsolete. Earlier medieval swords were <b>very</b> sharp. Even a roman gladius was sharp enough to dice someone to pieces (as a side note, their primary weapon was still the pilum). Eventually sharp slashing weapons were defeated by chain and scale mail, which were defeated by piercing weapons like lances and longbows, which were defeated by plate armor, which was defeated by blunt weapons such as the great swords you mentioned, pole weapons, warhammers, and crossbows. Some kingdoms banned crossbows because anyone could point and shoot and kill a soldier clad in steel from head to toe, and that was totally un-cool back then.

So you’re pretty much right. Just know that things weren’t always like that, and didn’t stay like that for long.

By the way, some of what I said is probably horribly wrong :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: It’s all regurgitation off the top of my head from books I’ve read and documentaries I’ve seen. The general ideas are pretty clear and solid though.

Swords were crappily made then, and would break after three or four battles. The real masterpiece swords, stuff you’re proud of, you’re not going to waste that by breaking it in a fight, are you? That’s crazy!

Anyway, once swords broke, I think they gathered up the pointy remains, and used them to make the spearheads of various polearms.

And I think that’s the first time someone ever said I was right about something ona Forum, I think. I feel all giddy and shit.

Welcome to the internet good sir.

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