aww... ;-;

If you’re not in any way whatsoever moved by this, you have no soul.


original comic:

I’ve never even played Animal Crossing in my life and that was sad. :frowning:

GAH. This is so sad. ;_;

(Slides are better btw).


I have no soul, and I’M moved by this. ;_;

…I honestly wasn’t moved by this. I don’t know why. I get it, I know it’s sad, but I don’t feel anything.

the real reason she was so enthralled was actually her hot adulterous romance with bill.

those big duck biceps, that devil may care attitude, she came home one day to find he had invited himself into her house…and her heart.

Doesn’t your fictional in game mother occasionally send you gifts in Animal Crossing?

Yeah … that is sad …

;_; indeed.

I thought I had no soul but this one touched me.

This reminds me of that one Elite Beat Agent Song where a family loses their husband/father in an accident and the rest of the song is spent trying to channel his spirit back to his family in time for Christmas.

Although, that one had a somewhat touching song to go with so the overall effect was greater, but the principal is the same.

So let it be known that I was moved.

Mail <b>and</b> presents. Let’s just hope that guy knows this :\

That’s actually really sad… but the worst part is, he never logged on while his mom was alive to get the gifts and thank her.


Wow, now that’s just sad enough to make me not buy the new one for the Wii.

Am I the only person that found that funny?

Yeah, we are sappy old women/men.

My heartstrings were pulled. I’m in a vulnerable phase, but man!

Very touching, indeed. Mom had MS and Polio? What a nasty combo.