Awsuma Powah

Tonight at midnight there will be a party like thing at the bookstore at the mall for the release of Harry Potter: and the Order of the Phoenix. A month or so ago I took some of my artwork to the book store to see if they would want to display it, and I just got a call that they will, well I wish they would have notifyed me a bit sooner. But this’ll be cool I suppose. I didn’t really want to stay there for the whole thing tonight but I guess I’m going to have too now, damn and I hope I’m not the oldest one there ;.;

I’ll probobly pick it up in a week or so when the crowds die down. :slight_smile:

I’ll guarantee you aren’t even the closest to the oldest one there. I bet you there will be people like my dad there… :stuck_out_tongue:

Its good you can get it early.

You won’t be the oldest, the manager will!

oldest one? nah I’m going to one tonight:moogle:

Meh. I wouldn’t mind going, and I’m 21. The chances of you being the oldest is slim to none.