Awesome villains

Luca Blight from Suikoden II. You have to play the game to understand.

The whole part with getting hit by arrows and steadily plowing through entire groups of you elite troops…yeah, he deserves a place.

Creed Diskenth from Black Cat.

I will never look at roses the same way again O_O

[SPOILER]He starts out as a weirdo who the elite troops have little to no respect for, but then he steadily turns out to be absolutely psychotic and a master fighter who mows down people left to right. But that’s not the scary part. The scary part is his obsession with the main character, Train.

He kills Train’s first friend because she’s being close to him and softening his killer instinct. He kills his OWN men when they try to kill Train.

When they get to his lair he has a freakout session when he finally realizes that Train won’t join him, and destroys a statue he’s made of the hero. Not only that, but Creed also tears down a tapestry to reveal that he’s been painting a portrait of Train across an entire wall.

“I was going to paint your eyes with your- no, OUR blood!”[/SPOILER]

And the roses, dear lord, the roses… brrrr…

Gemini Arles. Not much to say but the nostalgia factor plays a pretty big role here. He’s basically the first thing that comes to my head when I think “Bad Guy”.

But TSR sucked. :S
Gauln was badass, the other guy was just… Silly. In a really pathetic way if you had just finished watching FMP.

Yeah, I would include Luca too, but this is the anime forum.

Ah, yes. Creed. :smiley:
Me (talking to a friend): I just love Creed in Black Cat, he’s so awesome.
Friend: Yeah, homosexual, obsessing prettyboy.
Me: Well, I WAS gonna say that he reminds me of a Final Fantasy 7+ villain, but yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spoilers much?

good job quoting the spoilers without SPOILERING THEM! :stuck_out_tongue: -Pier

Sorry, my bad.

Dante from Full Metal Alchemist

Your archetypal genius villian who manipulates everything from the shadows.

The sheer magnitude of Dante’s schemes will attest to her megalomania. People are nothing to her but chess pieces to manipulate and eliminate when neccessary.

Yes, but she doesn’t have much presence or personality. She’s just this sort of faceless manipulator person.

You find out how she’s connected to Hohenheim, but yeah in the end she wasnt developed much.

I just hope people saw the connection between the poster and Char. By the way, hey RC!

Uchiha Itachi.

Anyone who can give someone the sensation of being stabbed by knives repeatedly for 72 hours over a period of five seconds just by LOOKING at them would seem like a total Marty Stu, but this guy isn’t. He’s insanely powerful but in a practical sense. He’s aloof and uncaring, but rather than indiscrimintately killing anyone who stands in front of him in a confrontational way, Itachi only kills when absolutely necessary and when others get in way of whatever it is he’s doing.

Originally Posted by ninja.s
I just hope people saw the connection between the poster and Char. By the way, hey RC!

You mean the guy with the guy with the KFC bucket on his head for an avatar.:eek:

Yeah… his handle, not his avatar.

I watched Black Cat because I wanted to know the deal about the roses. Sweet sweet roses, heh. Creed was worth it. Even though introducing a new plot arc in the last 4/3? episodes was a bit lackluster. The fact that the twist was kinda ripped off NG Evangelion didn’t help either.

Yeah, the late end “plot twist” sucked. Just stop watching the series after they bust up Creed’s castle and the anime is great.

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Even though he is incredibly underdeveloped in the original anime, he’s already awesome from his very few OVA scenes, and if the OVA turns out as good as everyone is hoping, he will be fucking fantastic.

Andersson is technically not a villain, “just” an antagonist. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, Andersson is WIN! :smiley:

Look shut up before I start posting nazi vampire werewolves.

Griffith from Gantz.