Awesome villains

As we all know, a hero needs a worthy adversary in order to, y’know, do some heroing. ITT, we post awesome villains.

I nominate Professor Soichi Tomoe (pictured twice) under the influence of Daimohn Germatoid.

Reasons? Look no further!

  1. Mad Scientists are always in!
  2. Loads of sexy assistants (see 1.)
  3. It takes a smart man to have a Ph.D in bio-engineering
  4. He’s quite a looker too.
  5. An awesome motivational speaker, in regards with #2.
  6. Evil scientists always listen to the proper music. Waltz. Intelligence, Eductation, and the will to fight. (He also composed his own piece.)
  7. A sophisticated man who enjoys a cup of coffee.
  8. Also, despite being a single parent, a caring father to a daughter. (The things you do for a family…)
  9. A party animal with a penchant for Twister!

This guy.

Gauln, from Full Metal Panic.
He’s dangerously intelligent, got connections everywhere, has enough funding to do basically whatever he wants and you just never get rid of him!
Also, he’s completely ruthless and wouldn’t think twice about killing one or ten or a thousand people if he felt it was necesarry.
Not to mention that he is really cool too. :stuck_out_tongue:

The best team of villains were The Quarter Knights from Wild Arms (and its remake, WA Code F). They had a type of villain for every taste!

-A nihilist who wanted to destroy all life (including her own people!)(Mother)
-A master villain who organized the others and whose pride made him return from the near-death to keep fighting (Zeikfried)
-An evil, sarcastic, and totally gross scientist (Alhazad)
-a sexy, badass chick who turned out to have a tragic secret (Lady Harken)
-A muscles-for-brains thug (Berzerk)
-An honorable but deadly badass (Boomerang)
-and even a comedy relief/redeemable warrior (Zed)

It’s like someone designed them using a “guide to supervillains”! :stuck_out_tongue: However, they were all interesting, so it worked out. :slight_smile:

Professor Tomoe? Was SMS the only anime you’ve ever seen? He just sends girls out to do his work while he stands there with a vial or beaker.

Mariko-Elfen Lied (dunno about villian, but more so than Lucy and she was fucking W-I-C-K-E-D)
Hellmaster Filbrizzo-Slayers Next
Galaxia-SM Sailorstars
I agree with that guy from FMP!
Il Pallazo- Excel Saga
Excel-Excel Saga!
The madmen behind the Instrumentality Project in NGE- They fucked Shinji and Asuka up but good in EoE.

I dunno, I seem to follow series which lack villains other than cardboard cutouts.

Doc Tomoe had a distinct personality with which he concocted his deeds with.

Agh. Phibrizzo.

And I had just started to foget about him. ;_;
He always reminds me of the Quicksilvers from Vagrant Story, and even though they aren’t really villains, just enemies, they scare me more than anything.

Oh, and speaking of which.
Vagrant Story villains = teh win!
That game has a final boss that everyone I know hates with a passion (as in wants him to die horribly and painfully, not as in being a bad final boss).

Oh yeah, almost forgot:
Slayers The Motion Picture.

Best. Demon. EVER!

How could this thread exist for so long without mention of Char Aznable, the principle villain and sometimes-hero of the Universal Century (origical) Gundam universe?

Barring Gundam Z, he’s a snappy dresser. Who wouldn’t want that weird helmet? In fact, a recent space tourist prospect (who wasn’t able to go up due to health issues) had planned to dress as Char for launch-off. Beat that.

I like the sunglasses better than the helmet, actually. But yes, just the fact that he’s still hopping around the first three places in the Gundam popularity polls after all this time certainly means something.

I want details on this weird, yet incredibly awesome gent.

My favorite villian would have to be vegeta. He was just cool shit.
Plus DBZ was my favorite show for so long. DB DBZ DBGT. ALL awesome
although vegeta did turn into a good guy. He was always somewhat evil. Like when he turned majin.

God DBZ/GT/XYZ is so fucking awful it makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

DR: Then DON’T think about it sheesh!

Red Comet: Right, like you’ve never heard of Char. :stuck_out_tongue: Great character, I must say, though.

The villains in Yu Yu Hakusho were great, too. Too bad I can’t spell most of their names. :smiley:


I’d actually vote for Hanzo from Now and Then, Here and There. Man, was he ever messed up. Also, Jinnai from El-Hazard (he was hilarious). I’d also nominate the five or six baddies from FF Unlimited for sheer style and wackiness; the series itself was pretty stupid, but the villains were freaky.

Fuck, I forgot about him! Man, he was fucking sick. Yet you cant help but feel sorry for him. And no, it’s one of the greatest anime series ever produced.

Shit, half the cast of Elfen Lied were villains. Lucy was even more evil psycho in the manga. Then you’ve got Bando, Professor Kakuzawa, and Director Kakuzawa.

And regarding Galun, or whatever his name is, from FMP!, Gates from FMP! TSR makes him look well-adjusted.

Does Star Wars Clone Wars count?

If so then General Grevious would be my pick. A master Sith Lord that can kick the combined asses of six skilled Jedi at once. Of course I mean only the Clone Wars version as he got shafted in Ep 3.:moogle:

If not then Vicious because I’m not a fan of bad guys who can only destroy mindlessly and if there were another reason its because he has not been named yet. Which of course means that more ballz have been dropped by certain folk. (they know who they are)p:unch::


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This thread is <i><b>over.</b></i>

Dude, that guy was terrible. He was the only game villian ever I absoltuely despised. They did a fantastic job with his character. The worst part is I ended up feeling sorry for him.

But he isnt an anime villian, otherwise I’d include him.

Could you perhaps enlighten me as to the identity of that fine looking gent?