What should i use to play .avi files? I downloaded a whole slew of slayers anime, but its all .avi filetype. When i try top play them in windows media player, winamp, and quicktime, i can only hear the episode, i cant see anything. Any help?

Get DivX

Direct Link. Looks like they’re only using ad-supported shit for the free downloads.

Thanks steve, it sucks that its gator-ware though.

EDIT-It seems it was the file that was corrupt, some files are playing and some arnt, but its better than nothing.

Defiler Pak is what I use… No clue where it is found.

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Get DivX

Gator? Really? There should be a free version somewhere on divx.com that has no ads. Look around the site for the link.

Try getting a video editor, studio 7 is only a few dollars, or download one, and you can do a lot of things with it.

They problably decided to update the “free” version to an ad-based one…
I know that my loved Net Pumper only runs on adware now that I updated it.
And I never use DivX anyway…

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> The <a href=“http://hellninjacommando.com/defilerpak”>Defilerpak</a> has all the codecs you’ll need, and <a href=“http://www.bsplayer.com”>BSPlayer</a> is a very good player for all video files.

Watch out for using DivX on a machine running XP, though. Version 5 of DivX can really fuck up your system’s video playing capabilities, because it’s basically a hack of the native Win video codecs. Most anime I’ve seen only uses version 3, so I’d look for that first before resorting to collections of codecs which probably use DivX 5.

DivX 3 is also called DivX :wink: <— and yes, the smilie is part of the name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get Irfanview. <_<

…what? It’s not a kiddie- tool just because it’s easy to use, goddamnit :stuck_out_tongue: I like it. Opens gif, jpg, avi, mov, ogg, mp3, pretty much everything. Also .png, so it’s pretty convenient when IE bitches around again. http://www.irfanview.com/

Irfanview is nice, but it too requires the codecs to be installed. At least, my installation does.

When i try to run .avi’s I get a Audio Data: Tag 8192 message.

…And te damn deflier pack refuses to install. Git.