Avenged Sevenfold

I’m not quite sure what to think of these guys. I like the way they sound, definitely, but it’s kinda hard to classify them. <a href=“www.purevolume.com/avengedsevenfold”>Their purevolume site</a> says they’re Hardcore / Metal / Punk. I agree on that, actually. They’re very versatile in their sound. Although, they do stick more to the metal side.

I recently got their newer album, Awaking the Fallen, and I love it. They’re all very talented in the fact that they actually know how to use their instruments, rather than just randomly putting shit together and hoping for a good sound.

Anyone else have some thoughts on this?

Edit: The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the screaming… but I don’t even mind that too much.

I was supposed to see them once, in like the 8th grade, but they didn’t show. They’re allright I guess, nothing that special. If you like them then you may like the Blood Brothers, who are hella better.

I have heard a song or two from them, but they do not appeal to me; there was too much overblown angst for my taste.

I’ve only heard this song called ‘Darkness Surrounding’ wich I totally hate, and I’m not that impressed by their good musicianship, but that could be just me.

Well, compare them to a lot of bands out now, and you have yourself the reason I like them. They’re a breath of fresh air compared to all this annoyingly similar bullshit =\

I don’t really see anything ‘punk’ about them, but that could just be me being way too picky.

Eh, probably referring to their older songs. They really sounded punk awhile ago.

They don’t sound all that different in my opinion. There was this programme on a radio station once wich featured Avenged Sevenfold and a lot of other shit and it all sounded the same… god I’m never listening to that again… the programma even had a name with ‘Metal’ in it… All I could think was: Where’s the fucking metal??

They’re ok.

Steve, do you like KoRn?

That’s possible, I haven’t really heard any of their old stuff.

Lanyx. I hate you. And KoRn

They look like metrosexual turkey fuckers. lolzlolzlolzlolz No seriously, they look fucking retarded. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww, you hate KoRn? I am listening to Dead Bodies Everywhere right now!!