There is just soooooooo much irony here. The people buying things to see such a thing, the thing being cliched, the cliche being anti capitalism. It is all just a big circle of irony.

Feel free to steal this idea and everything:

wait, I forgot the idea. lol.

I wanted to give a long list of movies that are worse than Avatar, but thankfully my memory fails me. It wasn’t either What Women Want bad nor Ed Wood bad.

Maybe he has amazing prescience.

I meant it’s RUMORED to be a likely candidate for Best Picture. (And the Globe win helps its case.)

It doesn’t matter if the film is nominated for an Oscar or not, it’s still a piece of shit. It’s a piece of shit that a lot of people paid to see, but it’s still a piece of shit.

Awards, of course, prove nothing other than how popular a film is with the people who vote for them. I’m just pointing how unusual it is for a film of this kind to get nominated for Best Film. Probably because actors don’t like to be upstaged by SFX.

It’ll probably win best director but I doubt it’ll win best picture.

(Too bad they got rid the best animated feature category a few years back due to both the lack of western animated features and them getting tired of nominating anime).

What are you talking about? They gave out best animated feature last year. WALL-E won it.

I’m pretty sure I’m talking about the Oscars. That’s not to say they don’t have a best use of CG Oscar to hand out, but there is no longer a category for best movie that’s not live-action or whatever it was that Spirited Away got.

They had it up until last year, but looking at what was chosen, I could see why you’d block it out. Happy Feet beating Monster House? Fuck you.

It could be that, in true Hollywood style, they said they were going to ax it then they held a fundraiser to have somebody else do it but they didn’t earn enough because nobody cared about it and so there it sits.

Besides if you think that’s bad, one year they had ; Howl’s Moving Castle, Corpse Bride, and a Wallace and Grommit movie all vie for the same Oscar and Wallace and Grommit won. Corpse Bride had absolutely no right to be nominated for anything, nevermind an Oscar.

It could get best ditty in animated feature.

Just got back from IMAX 3-D. Second time trying to see it 3-D, projector broke last time about 10 minutes in. Visually stunning, there’s just nothing I can compare it to.