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Oh my God this is the GREATEST movie I’ve ever seen in my life!

Granted I haven’t seen it myself yet.

I like The Guy With The Glasses’ reviews. He shouts too much and tends to be foul-mouthed, but his jabs usually ARE on the spot. Plus he is funny. :smiley:

Same here.

I saw it, and I’m pretty on the fence about it.

Avatar was really long, and unfortunately for it, the theater I saw it in was dissapointingly shitty. It was that back end theater, the one where they shove the movies that aren’t doing well. It was packed, tiny and I was pretty uncomfortable for most of it. Oddly enough, I dozed off several times in the first half. I found it to be pretty boring, much like Dances With Wolves (plus Ferngully = Avatar). That being said the 3D effects were stunning, and as someone pointed out some of the locales seemed ripped right out of RPG Lore (floating mountains? lifestreamishness?) The Final battle is about 25 minutes and super cool but I honestly expected more of a war movie. I fell asleep, I definitely missed stuff so the story was a little iffy for me. Overall I think I should see it again before I really pass judgement.

I don’t think a RPG was the first thing to ever use an idea like “all energy is borrowed and returns to the planet.”

But I’ll be honest, I was totally thinking of Kimahri throughout the movie.

HA! I totally missed that.

I went to see it in 3D for free (my dad got a free ticket because the projector broke in the middle when he went to see it). I was actually fairly impressed. The visuals were great, and the story wasn’t half bad (though, as has been said, it isn’t anything RPG players haven’t seen). I do take issue with a few things.

The movie is about an corporation that is mining for unobtanium (lol) and sees the native population as acceptable losses. There are obvious anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist undertones throughout the film. There is never any question that the corporation is evil and the Na’vi a good people through and through. This is further cemented when Jake renounces the evil capitalists to permanently join the collective society of the Na’vi. Can it get any more blatant? I don’t mind Cameron creating an anti-capitalist film whatsoever. It’s also a multimillion making blockbuster movie. I doubt Cameron’s sincerity towards his own message considering that he’s swimming in enough money to basically fuck off and make a movie all by his damned self.

Still, it’s a good movie. I’m just glad I didn’t pay for it.

I saw it a couple weeks ago or so. I will give it the fact that I was entertained while watching it, and that the visual effects were stunning (I didn’t get to see it in 3D though, I wish I had), but the more I think about the plot itself the more I have issues with it. They sort of hammered in the whole “Humans are Bastards” thing a little too hard for my tastes. “Wow, humans sure are absolutely horrible in every way possible, I hope the perfect flawless wonderful aliens teach those jerks a lesson.”

That said, it’s actually still worth going to see, in my opinion, if only because OH MY GOD EVERYTHING ON THAT PLANET GLOWS THAT’S SO PRETTY I WANT TO STARE FOREVER. Also, the designs and concepts for the aliens and the planet were pretty interesting.

Saw it yesterday. The story was the hero’s journey to a t and he went the easy way a few times, but it wasn’t generally annoying and Cameron paid for some serious art there. Went also really well for such a lengthy movie. As a bonus, we’ll be playing with that kind of graphics when ps5 comes out.

But you don’t kill Sigourney Weaver.

Actually, the game has a 3D option. Or so I am told by PSM- err…I mean PSTOM…

lol wut

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[spoiler]But you don’t kill Sigourney Weaver.[/size]

Its all right. In the next movie they can create a half Navi clone of her for some goddamn bullshit reason.

Or perhaps that is the reason why you are saying that they shouldn’t have killed her off in the first place.


Mixed up my tags there.

As has been said, the plot contains no surprises what soever. But damn did the movie look good. So it gets some points for that. I’m not sure I have any interest in watching it again, but it was by no means awful.

Saw it, takes the ‘movie’ experience to a whole new level. I forgot I had 3D glasses on after about 10 minutes. I’d imagine this is how people reacted to Wizard of Oz when it went color. I am going to see it again, IMax 3-D.

As far as the anti-corporate/colonist/human stuff, it’s Hollywood, I’m over it.

Visually stunning.

Hollywood isn’t usually my first thought when I’m doing free associations with anti-corporatism (or vice versa).

I have no problem with a multi-million dollar movie being a vessel for anti-Capitalist messages; you can use the system to fight it. It’s my fear that the movie may be too unbalanced (ie., too many The Humans Are Bad, not enough The Aliens Aren’t Perfect Either) for my taste.

The aliens are noble savages. We know for a fact that, like the injuns, they never did anything wrong and were an entirely moral people who didn’t harm the environment, shared everything, invented democracy and equality, and smoked tobacco without getting cancer or becoming addicted.

Also, you guys should all buy moccasins, they are sturdy shoes with a lot of arch- and ankle-support well suited to most any activity.

More probably Cameron took a good, hard look at his species after Titanic proved such a success.