Avatar/Sig opinions needed

Get an avatar and sig of Stalin!

As for the sigs you just posted I like the third one.

How about no animation? One’s a link for some reason.

I like the middle one best.

I like the middle one best.

And yeah, no animation, it’s too distracting. Just my 2 cents.

Edit: AARGH, sorry, accidental double-post. > <

Personally I think all of those first are pretty bad. The last one you posted is a lot better, but the background is still very distracting.

Mengde’s is a pretty good example of a personalised sig-image. Nothing to ostentatious, not too busy (that is; not many things moving or otherwise doing stuff) and the colours work.

Ask Urkani if he could show you his old Hellsing one, it’s much the same. Xelopheris’ also had a few throughout the years, have a look at his if he still has them.

The fading picture of Drizzt ones are cool, but I like the last one the best. The one with the quotes is too busy.